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Parents Ya Gotta Love Them
# 1 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:01
My dad is trying to set me up with some bloke who works in local garage, its sweet that he trying to show his coolness with the gay thing but mortified my dad setting me up lol...he has such bad taste!!!! (exl my mum of course )
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# 2 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:06

G'day Dermid,
Good on your dad, some parents, well you know, But hey To Your Dad, its nice to hear some good once in a while

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# 3 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:06
After footballers, a mechanic would be the ideal son-in-law for most dads. Your mother, of course would probably prefer you went out with a doctor.
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# 4 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:12
yeah except in this case i can see why he keeps his head hidden under a car bonnet all day, mind you he does look good from behind in his overalls lol,(tried to explain it to dad,he couldnt quite see it lol ) not my type of guy tho even to talk to,he a bit up his own arse! im a butch mechanic attitude!
my mum wants me to get back with my ex, WE BROKE UP TWO YEARS AGO and shes still on about him, ! ive tried to explain we broke up for a reason, ie he was a drug pushing asshole, but she wont have it lol
it is very cool their attitude and i know im lucky with them, they werent always this cool but they took their time they needed, revaluated things and came out great
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# 5 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:14
oh soz!!
HEY HIPPY !!!!!!
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# 6 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:18

At least his not one of those dads that go, My Son,he, he, his not Gay his just going through a Faze He' will be ok, Just needs some space

When was the Last time you told your dad that you Loved him, ... It Feels Good, try it some time, that goes for everyone, Just say to your Dad, ILove You

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# 7 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:24
dont think i could utter those words to my da hippy, dont think hed know what to do if i did,!!hes very much a mans man !! most of the area they live in scared of him,hes an intimidating figure of a man !we have a cool relationship now, we both kinda know where we stand with each other without expressing it in words,tho he has surprised me a couple times with deep conversations !!
for a while he simply convinced himself that he beleives i beleive im gay but im actually not, lol, hes over that now
my mum took the road.."but you dont look gay " bless her! mind you she did kick me out of home for a year until she dealt with it, now shes in a guilt trip, im a student so as long as her guilt can provide some cash im cool with it hehe
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# 8 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:32
Sweet Jumping Jesus

You only have one Mum Dermid

Your Dad thats Cool, but as a Good friend some time ago lost his dad, meaning "Died", ( Car Crash ) he never got to say to him, ( Dad i Love you )

Just say it once,
Hey try it this way,Get him drunk, then say to him, its Funny what people say when Drunk
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# 9 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:34
oh dnt get me wrong i love my mum to bits but when i was kicked out knew she needed her time so i gave it to her,
neither of my parents drink so no chane of getting him drunk, cant explain it hippy but he knows i love him,and i know he loves me, it doesnt need to be said, we communicate in a diff way
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# 10 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:37

Oh God dont get me wrong about you Mum,
Gee Wizz, I know we all Love our Mums to BittsSweet Jesus i'd do anything for my Mum,

Hmmmm Moon Cakes,,

Nahh thats Been Cruid Bad Hippy...........

So how things with you Dermid
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# 11 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:39
im in good form hippy, cant complain, well i could but ronan wud jus attack me lol!hows you ?
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# 12 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:44

Getting a Harley next Month, Ohhhh so Yeehaaa
Sweet Jumping Jesus, alot of power between my legs then, Care for a Ride

Only Joking, But are My
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# 13 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:51
harley cool, my dad used to collect rare bikes and cars! now he buys rubbish and i spend by weekends trying to put them together! built a go kart with him once,,,,soooooo sooo cool lol!! it did great f off speed.
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# 14 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:57

Always wanted a Harley, Hey Lifes to short to say some day....

Care to go for a Ride

On the Bike of Course
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# 15 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 18:59
what model/year is she ?? she had any work done on her! tempting over ! love bikes !!!
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