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# 1 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 12:57
was on it yesterday, and i got a msg from this lad who was once in my school.........i already knew about him, but he didnt bout me!!

were meetin up the next time im home for a few drinks!!
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# 2 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 13:39
That should be a laugh. I found out years later that half my class were gay.
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# 3 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 15:55
so that means half were straight - yuck - the poor things!
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# 4 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 16:20
same thing happened me. after i came out loadsa fellas from my class in secondary school have come up to me since and told me they're gay. kinda funny when i think back on it. and to think i thought i was the only one terrified to give a quick look in the changing rooms!!!!!!
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# 5 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 16:23
i dont have any gaydar
well, its obvious with guys but i can't tell with girls unless they're walking saddle sore with a crew cut...
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# 6 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 16:26
no they mean
there is a female one too!
its like personal ads and stuff!
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# 7 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 16:29
i bet it sucks like the rest of them.
Well thanks anyway!
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# 8 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 16:32
yeah it is pretty shit but i met some lovely friends there too
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# 9 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 17:57
Its relly weird how people u have known 4 years and yet feel like u never knew them at all... one of my best friends back in National and Secondary school is gay.. never knew it until I met him in Taboo in Cork. I was like "What are u doing ere"! and he was like "Oh my god what d hell are u doing ere"!! Neither of us knew that we were both gay.. needless to say our friendship is stronger now then it was back in the day..!!
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# 10 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 18:41
hehe Dirk. you were in Taboo? when? might have seen you there?
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# 11 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 18:47
It was ages ago, like 5-6 months ago!! Have been there a gud few times before!! I havent benn there in ages, was in Limericl loads during d summer, but since I broke up with my Boyfriend havent been there since!!
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# 12 : Thursday 21-10-2004 @ 17:18

I did... bumped into him in Gubu.

it was quite a surprise... but then we both used to sing in the carol service... so maybe not that surprising

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# 13 : Thursday 21-10-2004 @ 17:29
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# 14 : Thursday 21-10-2004 @ 17:40
"i dont have any gaydar
well, its obvious with guys but i can't tell with girls unless they're walking saddle sore with a crew cut..."

I hear you maddy girlie
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# 15 : Thursday 21-10-2004 @ 17:51
At my 10 year school reunion in 2002, out of the 60 or guys who showed up in the pub about 9 or 10 (including me) were gay. Of these, two were lads who were on the Senior Cup rugby team and are now an item .....I would never have guessed about them back in my school days
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