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Science Is Great
# 31 : Friday 24-9-2010 @ 22:04
science proves cats are evil
Have you ever thought that your cat really is evil, and is actively manipulating you to do it's bidding?

Science says that it is. Dr Karen McComb of the Centre for Mammal Vocal Communication Research at the University of Sussex has proof.

A BBC News report spoke to Dr. McComb, who stated that it appears that cats "learn to dramatically exaggerate it when it proves effective in generating a response from humans." According to the same report, studies have found that a domestic cat's cries are similar to that of human babies, and that's a sound humans are highly sensitive to.

"The cry embedded within the purr" study was published in the journal Current Biology in July and claims that cats actually exploit humans into caring for them, especially when it comes to filling those food dishes. The abstract states that "even individuals with no experience of owning cats judged the 'solicitation' purrs to be more urgent. "

How long before someone synthesizes those sounds to control humans? I'd write more, but someone's dish is empty, and I feel compelled to fill it.

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# 32 : Friday 24-9-2010 @ 22:10
They were revered as the link to the underworld in Ancient Egypt.
# 33 : Friday 24-9-2010 @ 22:14
Someone said :
They were revered as the link to the underworld in Ancient Egypt.

And cursed as wicked and unlucky in the middle ages.

Maybe thats why there were so many rats carrying the Black Death.
# 34 : Friday 24-9-2010 @ 22:15
They killed cats, dogs and other animals but left the rats alone, during the heyday of the BlackDeath.
# 35 : Friday 24-9-2010 @ 22:24
Someone said :
They killed cats, dogs and other animals but left the rats alone, during the heyday of the BlackDeath.

The heyday?

It wasnt the swinging sixties!

With some sort of Twiggy muse posing for oil canvas portraits on a street of ulcerous corpses and flowing stools in some God-forsaken mittel-European village.
# 36 : Friday 24-9-2010 @ 22:27

i think this is a bad day for the Cat Lick Fish
# 37 : Friday 24-9-2010 @ 22:28
I would have loving to do a science degree, physics would have being my chosen subject.
# 38 : Saturday 2-10-2010 @ 12:35

next week i'll examine the existence of god and whether true love exists
# 39 : Wednesday 20-10-2010 @ 15:07
# 40 : Friday 5-11-2010 @ 18:15
Scientist Wants To Destroy The Moon To Stabilize Our Weather!
Professor Alexander Abian, a mathematician at the University of Iowa says it's the only way to rid the world of scorching heat and arctic winters!

He claims that by getting rid of the moon, the Earth will then be able to shift into a "more desirable orbit."

He suggests strategically placed hydrogen bombs on the Earth's satellite can either blow it apart, or send it careening into outer space, maybe even into the sun. It all depends where you put the charges, he says. "We've been held hostage by the moon for 5 million years, and we've been subjected to violent extremes in weather, not to mention that the planet is slowly becoming a desert

# 41 : Friday 5-11-2010 @ 18:21
CHINA last night vowed to destroy the moon after a solar eclipse reduced its industrial productivity by almost one percent

The Chinese government said it was forced to act after the six minute eclipse caused a brief pause in production at thousands of cheap toy farms as workers turned their heads skywards instead of attaching bits of plastic to other bits of plastic.

Wan Gang, the minister for science and technology, said: "Forty years after western imperialists attempted to colonise the lunar surface, we are reminded, once again, of its capacity to threaten our glorious, joyful march towards the peaceful domination of all living things."

China will deploy its 200 million quarry workers to dismantle the moon over the next nine months and use the material to build a series of enormous, terrifying skyscrapers and a 3000-mile bridge from Shanghai to Australia.

But mindful of the moon's essential influence on the Earth's angle of rotation, the Chinese have promised to replace it with a large mechanical version which can be moved around the sky to prevent future eclipses.

The new moon will be staffed permanently by 100,000 Chinese soldiers but will have the capacity to house at least one billion short, hard-working people who eat with sticks.

It will also be fitted with a gigantic laser which, China says, will be used to destroy asteroids and alter weather patterns to promote healthy crop yields.

Mr Wan added: "We promise never to use it to hold the Earth to ransom or otherwise bend it to our dastardly will.

"And in case you're wondering we will make sure there is no great big hole in the top for rebel fighters to drop a bomb into. That would be daft."

# 42 : Tuesday 23-11-2010 @ 20:17
Hypothesis: Man's ancient enemy The Moon could be defeated once and for all with a ring of properly positioned and prepared thermonuclear devices simultaneously detonated.

Result:Success! NOTE: This experiment has provided the added benefit of finally wiping that smug look off Jupiter's face
# 43 : Tuesday 23-11-2010 @ 20:24
What about the tritium it has loads of H3 we may need that for future energy. So don't do it yet.
# 44 : Tuesday 23-11-2010 @ 20:26
Someone said :
What about the tritium it has loads of H3 we may need that for future energy. So don't do it yet.

i thought you were a supporter of uranium
# 45 : Tuesday 23-11-2010 @ 20:28
Someone said :

i thought you were a supporter of uranium

Till we get Fusion power. Till then its U238/5
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