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Ban On Straight People In Gay Venues???
# 1 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:20
I love lava but I dont know if I agree with the no men rule.
I mean I had a discussion with a female friend of mine the other day and she said she didnt like the fact that the g let straight people in because of the way the girls react to lesbians. however i also get the twinge of a kind of elitest bulshit from that and since then i have been tossing it around in my head havent come to a decision but just wondering what you all think??
Thing is that is pure descrimination right? I just dont understand why she feels this way. I mean come on if we as gay people were barred from a pub it would be ridiculous right? there would be marches and the pub in question would probably end up in many problems. I know i sound really confused I'm trying to get it straight in my head and having a hard time.
please help me oh you clear headed people!
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# 2 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:21
Are you saying that you prefer gay friendly bars to exclusively gay bars and that you want men at Lava?
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# 3 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:25
no i dont care if there are men in lava or not i just mean i think they should have the option do you know what i mean?
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# 4 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:27
and in which corner do you put all the " straight acting" lads, the boucer will never let them in ? well what do you check for

Can I apply for the job
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# 5 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:29
Thats the thing I dont understand her way of thinkin at all and she was so adament about it that I kinda second guessed myself about it and now Im all a muddle.
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# 6 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:29
What?? And what do I have to do if my gay friend wanna go in a gay pub? And whats all this thing with gay pub. There should be called simple PUB. I am straight myself but I dont make any diference between gays and straight. When you love, the race doesnt really matter. .
Actually I would love one of those klingonians women
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# 7 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:31
This was discussed at the start when Lava opened (Fluff where are ya!!). I personally don't mind guys being in the ladies's clubs, but I also like the fact that there is at least one club that I can go to where there aren't men. Don't ask me why, its just a matter of comfort I suppose. But then it was cool to see the guys up on the dance floor in Kiss the other night. And sorry Andrew, it is a noble sentiment, but if you are not gay you don't have any idea what is it like to be in a "normal" pub and want to hold hands with your partner but then be asked to leave.
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# 8 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:33
I still dont really understand what u are trying 2 say!! But if it is what I think what ur trying 2 say, then this is what I think (Phew, that was really tough 2 type!!) I think straight people should b allowed in 2 Gay venues, why sholdnt they? Most straight people that do go 2 gay venues are more than likely going with friends who are gay, as in they arent been forced 2 go in. Im sure they arent going in to cause trouble, and pass bitchy comments. If all gay people were banned from going 2 straight pubs there would b chaos and we would never hear d end of it!! So I guess what Im trying 2 say is... let d straight people in.. kick em out if they are causing trouble!!
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# 9 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:33
he he
No and I agree with you andrew what does it matter if straight people come to the george or somesuch place it shouldnt stop anyone having a good night and why would someone be so freaked about straight people??
I dont think this myself!
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# 10 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:36
You mean straight people do freak you?
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# 11 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:37
see I know what you mean it was nice in kiss. And its grand ok yeah in lava its nice. but this wole thing of it on a bigger scale scares me.
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# 12 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:38
no im not at all freaked out by straight people someone i know God the confusion!
and dirk thats what i was trying to sorta say!
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# 13 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:44
I know what you mean. But still what if I want to go out with my friend? Are they gonna split us at the entrance??? Sad screaming..NOOOO..dont leave meeee.....bouncers trying to separate us..ahh jaysus..I'm crying.
They should just send out the eejits..becouse there is no difference between gay or straight. The only diference its between idiots and normal persons.
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# 14 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:45
very true there are a lot of idiots around the place!
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# 15 : Tuesday 21-10-2003 @ 14:57
i think it would be stupid if straight people weren't aloud into clubs cos they're straight. THe majority of my friends are straight and they're cool with those of us that are gay so why shouldn't they be aloud if they're cool with it and cause no trouble?
Caddy were you asked to leave somewhere cos you held your girlfriends hand in public? Sorry if i got that wrong but all rosered's happy faces rolling around on the screen were making me dizzy!!!
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