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# 1 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 15:20
Shit - I think I've got this. First noticed it the night of Ayla's Fundraiser (thanks Elvis!) - I thought the hotel room had some kind of air conditioning on .

Its been getting slightly louder ever since. Its not that noticeable during the day but when its quiet at night it sounds like a fridge fan or something.

Anyone any experience of this?
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# 2 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 15:23
Sheesh Thomas, there's a whole thread on this
# 3 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 15:25
Thanks will take a look.
# 4 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 15:27
Have you gone to the doc with it yet?
# 5 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 15:30
Not yet - Kevsamo posted about ear wax in the other topic. That might be something to try before the doctor.
# 6 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 15:32
Yep, my younger one suffers from it, I do the whole deblocking/dropper thing before we go to the docs...9 times out of 10 it does the job.
# 7 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 16:25
Tinnitus is a terrible affliction. I am a long-term sufferer of the condition although it's pretty manageable these days.

I first got a serious bout of tinnitus in the heavy rock bar Fibber Magees back in 1994 when I was 19 - I fell asleep in a drunken state close to a loudspeaker. I had ringing in my ears for weeks afterwards which was so bad I went crazy with anxiety. I couldn't eat or sleep. It was hell. In the end, I was prescribed valium by the college doctor and it helped.

Listening to my walkman at full volume for years as a teenager didn't help.

There's no cure for tinnitus. In fact, medical experts don't even agree fully exactly where the ringing actually originates - the cochlea (inner ear) and/or auditory nerve are the biggest suspects. Along with exposure to loud noise, high blood pressure brought on by health issues or medications are another major cause of tinnitus.

There is no medication that can be taken to directly treat tinnitus - but there are sound based treatments like "white noise" such a recordings of water falling and the sea crashing against rocks that can help drown out the ringing to a certain degree.

There is also a tinnitus sufferers' support group in Dublin.

@Thomas - I would go to the doctor. You may need a hearing test. If the tinnitus sounds like a rapidly reverberating hum then it's most likely noise induced. You should avoid exposure to loud noise as it will only worsen it. With time, it will subside.

# 8 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 16:45
Thanks JK - I'm going to try the hydrogen peroxide and will go to the doctor if that doesn't work.
# 9 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 17:39
I never heard of it until now.

Sometimes I have a slight ringing in my ear at night when I'm in bed and there's total silence but nothing that would drive me nuts or anything.

Hope you get it sorted one way or another Thomas.
# 10 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 17:55
Someone said :
I fell asleep in a drunken state close to a loudspeaker and the ringing in my ears for weeks afterwards

Now that's rock'n'roll!
Someone said :
You should avoid exposure to loud noise as it will only worsen it.

There's a few loud ones on here! Choose yer seat carefully Thomas

ps. Hope it's just wax as it does sound like a poxy condition
# 11 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 22:18
Well I tried the hydrogen peroxide (twice) and nothing came out. I mustn't have wax - my ears do be moist but come to think of it, there isn't any dark gunky wax on the cotton buds when I take them out.

Will make a doctor's appointment next week methinks.
# 12 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 22:20
Does the noise ever abate or is it constant?
# 13 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 22:22
I can't imagine it. Hope it's not bothering you too much Thomas.
# 14 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 22:27
Its constant but barely noticeable during the day. Its not bothering me yet *touch wood*
# 15 : Tuesday 12-10-2010 @ 22:40
a boss of mine got that a few years ago from taking malaria tablets before she went to India. just in case you have taken any medication lately.

Of course it could just be an ear infection.
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