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# 46 : Thursday 16-8-2012 @ 11:44
see the doc and get the wax treatment

ears syringed
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# 47 : Thursday 16-8-2012 @ 13:20
Someone said :
see the doc and get the wax treatment

ears syringed

Clearing ears of wax only helps tinnitus in some cases - tinnitus is usually caused by a defect/damage in the inner ear (cochlea) - the bit that looks like a snail - which syringing usually won't help at all. In fact syringing ears can actaully make tinnitus worse in some cases. I know that as I've been there.

Also, people have ear wax for a reason - to protect their ears from damage by excessive noise and infections.

If you are suffering from tinnitus that lasts more than a couple of weeks you need to see a doctor to get referred to an ENT specialist.

# 48 : Thursday 16-8-2012 @ 20:15
I have had from time to time but luckily hopi candles seem to ease it.
I know they are meant for removing ear wax but seem to help . Worth trying-then only hope is Doc
# 49 : Sunday 25-6-2017 @ 14:30
Irish Tinnitus Association
The Irish Tinnitus Association aims to be a focal point for giving support and assistance to those who suffer from Tinnitus. They provide information about the condition and the approaches which might be taken by sufferers to cope and hopefully gain some relief.They offer support to those with Tinnitus to reduce isolation.They work on raising public awareness of the condition and the extent to which it can be a disability. They raise awareness with the medical profession, particularly GPs, to ensure that more guidance is given to patients.

# 50 : Wednesday 28-6-2017 @ 01:28
Tinnitus is damage caused to the 'organ of corti' in you inner ear.

It has nothing to do with wax, or getting wax cleaned.

In general:

outer ear problems (outer ear is from 'the hole' into the ear drum) like infection, or wax build up, Outer ear problems can cause "muffled" sound, but NOT a feeling of 'pressure' as such.
You cannot damage your outer ear with loud sounds, you can only damage it physically (puncturing your ear drum for example, or fucking around with cotton buds or foreign objects)

The middle ear is the cavity behind your ear drum (not physically accessible from your outer ear) that holds the three tiny 'hearing bones' and is connected to your sinuses via the Eustachian tube, for pressure balancing (and in some cases fluid draining),
The middle ear can get infected(which is chronically painful), or becomes filled with fluid (an "underwater sound" or feeling of pressure inside your head, like when you have a head cold)
It can also be damaged by loud environments and loud sounds.
Damage to this part of the ear causes gradual loss of hearing (like Grandma style "WHAT!?"... "I SAID, DO YOU HAVE, A HEARING AID!?).
As you live your life this part of the ear gets old, tumbled and abused, and you go deafer and deafer, but that deafness can get sped up by ill health, very loud environments and general hearing abuse.

The middle ear also has muscles in it designed to protect the inner ear from sudden extremely loud sounds. It can "reduce volume" going to you're inner ear by about 20 decibels for several minutes. It's handy for being "near a bolt of thunder" or when someone plugs in something and you get a boom of feedback. But it cannot handle things like as entire loud concert or an hour of jack hammering.

Your inner ear is the bit that turns sound into basically "brain signals"

THIS is where tinnitus happens, loud continuous sounds of specific tones or extremely loud sudden sounds will permanently break very delicate hair-like nerves along what's called the 'organ of corti'. Once broken, a individual nerve will essentially lay flat and be "always on" (the whistling).
Higher frequency once are easier to damage.

The other problem with tinnitus is, when those nerves are broken, it is permanent, and makes pitch and tone harder to detect in those regions with more damage. So the worse your inner ear damage; the shittier your pitch detection. Essentially you become more and more tone deaf in tiny, incremental amounts.

# 51 : Wednesday 28-6-2017 @ 08:46
I have a bit of very subtle but noticeable tinnitus. I hate it, but at least I can only hear it when it's absolutely quiet, which is not that often.
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