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I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here 2010
# 1 : Friday 22-10-2010 @ 13:46
It's the 10th series!

A host of celebs have signed up for it....

Ant and Dec are presenting..

(Which is the lie) - The second one of course.

It's due to begin next month (14th November I think)

*Confirmed* celebrities are rumoured to be:

Gail Porter (She might have hair again but she's no lesbian)

Linford Christie (that famous sprinter)

Lizzy Cundy (Very scary Wag, she supports the Conservatives too!!)

Lots of rumours including..

Stacey Solomon
Mel B
John Leslie

And lots more nobodies!
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# 2 : Friday 22-10-2010 @ 13:53
lizzy cundy?? she cant be that good of a WAG,ive never heard of her.i hope mel b is just a rumour aswell.her mush is all over the place as it is!

itll be good to see ant and dec back though.
# 3 : Friday 22-10-2010 @ 13:56
Apparently her husband played for Chelsea but I never heard of him either, she was on Four Weddings once. She seemed a nice lady, can't imagine her in the jungle without her makeup.
# 4 : Friday 22-10-2010 @ 14:03
oh i do like gail porter.
# 5 : Friday 22-10-2010 @ 15:01
A host of celebs signing up?? where are they?
# 6 : Friday 22-10-2010 @ 17:37
Someone said :
A host of celebs signing up?? where are they?

Someone said :
(Which is the lie) - The second one of course.

# 7 : Friday 22-10-2010 @ 18:11
Someone said :
oh i do like gail porter.

I like porter. Which is exactly what I'll be doing when this shit is on.
# 8 : Wednesday 27-10-2010 @ 17:20
Opik might be interesting, he who dumped Sian Lloyd for a Cheeky Girl!


Former MP Lembit Opik and Swedish actress Britt Ekland are the latest contestants to reportedly join I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

According to The Sun, they will both receive £65,000 to appear on the reality show.

A spokesman said: "Lembit is a funny old fruit. His jokes aren't exactly brilliant but he does try his best. He's also a bit of a diplomat and we think he'll be good at helping the jungle camp live in peace - either that or drive them all up the wall."

The pair will reportedly join Linford Christie, Gail Porter and Stacey Solomon in the jungle.

Opik once dated former I'm A Celebrity contestant Sian Lloyd.
# 9 : Sunday 7-11-2010 @ 20:35
Downton Abbey is finishing tonight, so I'm guessing I'm a Celeb is back next Sunday?
# 10 : Sunday 7-11-2010 @ 20:38
Someone said :
Downton Abbey is finishing tonight, so I'm guessing I'm a Celeb is back next Sunday?

Yeah - next Sunday!
# 11 : Sunday 7-11-2010 @ 20:50
More creepy crawlies and balls for dinner. Great.
# 12 : Sunday 7-11-2010 @ 22:12
Not really a fan of this show but I did watch it for yer one from Kim & Aggie. She was hilarious.
# 13 : Sunday 7-11-2010 @ 22:20
Its the only reality show ive ever had half an interes in.
I enjoy the bitching and the eating of colons.
# 14 : Tuesday 9-11-2010 @ 08:46
The Sun is saying the final 12 are ... (rather boring)

Nigel Havers
Gail Porter
Shaun Ryder
Britt Ekland
Linford Christie
Alison Hammond
Gillian McKeith
Lembit Opik
Stacey Solomon
Dom Joly
Sheryl Gascoigne
Aggro Santos
# 15 : Tuesday 9-11-2010 @ 08:54
Who is Aggro Santos?

I can see Stacey Solomon getting on everyones nerves very quickly. She was lovely on the X Factor but you only saw her talking for two minutes a week.
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