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Terrible TV - Invent A Really Bad Show (Late Nite Shite)
# 46 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 02:11
Someone said :
Jersey Whore Its.. basically the same program

Dammit, I was about to do Jersey Shore except set on the UK island of Jersey.

This week: Edwin Farthington and his posse critique the local chip shop anonymously on a local Internet forum - causing controversy on local radio show Good Morning Jersey.
# 47 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 02:13
@ Wheelie, great minds... Lost

A story of 5 Chinese tourists lost in the heart of dublin. Muggings and photo op's a plenty.
# 48 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 02:19

Severe BBC cutbacks mean Griff, Rory and Dara just have to sit in a bath and pretend they are sailing around the island coastline.
# 49 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 02:21

Hastily banned cookery show.
# 50 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 02:22
QUEER EYE FOR THE LATE GUY Three homosexuals discuss their favorite style of hat and get quite impatient while a typical lazy heterosexual is late doing heterosexual activities such as.... muff diving and the like.
# 51 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 02:24
IV'E STOPPED EATING CHILDREN AGES AGO A compelling look at the lifestyle of Mary Harney
# 52 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 02:35
watching Cop Thing on sky one... was asleep earlier and insomnia now...

i want to do that patty down thing they do...

if i'm still awake at 6 i'll walk into the gym...
# 53 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 02:37
The bAngelus - 6PM RTE1

60 Seconds of Religious Pornography

Cuntdown - 4.30 Channel 4

Word quiz where contestants get points for the most obscene words.

QI for the Straight Guy - BBC2 8.30

Stephen Fry gets lessons in how to shag a woman properly.

# 54 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 02:38
Take Me Out Family Guy Peter Griffin invades the TV3 studio and assinates Ray Foley and all his shallow mingers.
# 55 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 08:59
Traffic Cunts....

Witness Irelands finest uniformed clad Traffic Cunts, as they pursue innocent drivers for the craic.....
# 56 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 09:10
Off the Rails A docusoap following Iarnrod Eireann workers who need to move the corpses of people and animals run over by trains.

Simply Fainting Frank Clarke passes out, repeatedly.

Strictly Cum Dancing. Scientists research the effects of music on semen.
# 57 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 11:43
Winning Streak. Revamped to include more streak and less win.
# 58 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 12:05
Hetty Wainthropp Assassinates

An elderly lady is sent back In time to a Charlie Chaplin premiere in 1928 to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Unfortunately Vodafone cut her off just as she's receiving her instructions, with the result that she believes that she has to kill a small dark-haired German man with a moustache. She goes on to kill Albert Einstein, the atomic bomb is never invented, the Nazis win the war, and, erm, we all end up dead. The show is perhaps lacking a little in the "feel-good" factor.
# 59 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 12:23
My idea for a new tv show is called Puke TV! the contestants must eat themselves sick and then puke! a panel of experts must then tell from their puke what they eat and it won't be carrots! An off shoot of this show will be StoolTV I think you get the picture!!
# 60 : Friday 29-10-2010 @ 12:45
Someone said :
An off shoot of this show will be StoolTV I think you get the picture!!

They've made that already - It's called you are what you eat
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