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Dark,Sinister,Or Unusual Music
# 16 : Tuesday 16-11-2010 @ 11:02
Ziggy Love - Pain

Warning - contains scenes of extreme movie violence, splatter and gore

Video Link :
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# 17 : Tuesday 16-11-2010 @ 11:05

Video Link : Inch Nails - A Warm Place

Video Link : - The Box

# 18 : Wednesday 17-11-2010 @ 18:21
I do love The Eels for unusual mainstream music.

Video Link :

Video Link :
# 19 : Friday 19-11-2010 @ 19:44

Video Link : band I just recently discovered, they make amazing emotional and atmospheric music, can't get enough!
# 20 : Wednesday 21-12-2011 @ 00:23
# 21 : Wednesday 21-12-2011 @ 00:31
# 22 : Wednesday 21-12-2011 @ 00:58
# 23 : Wednesday 21-12-2011 @ 02:10
Planningtorock - The Breaks

Video Link :
# 24 : Wednesday 21-12-2011 @ 02:23
# 25 : Wednesday 21-12-2011 @ 10:03
# 26 : Wednesday 21-12-2011 @ 15:06
An absolutely huge dark electro track,heard this in a club in berlin awesome

Video Link :
# 27 : Sunday 25-12-2011 @ 23:24
If you're into creepy or chilling music, i take a lot of inspiration from movies of the 1960-70s

but for the most part, this little composition by Penderecki is one that, admittedly sounds like background noise, is a kind of avant garde approach to classical music. You'll probably recognize it;

Video Link :'s a lot more penderecki where that came from, if you dig it, check out the rest of his stuff.

something a little more mainstream, but none the less sinister would be the Hellraiser movie scores;

Video Link :

Video Link :, the entire Shining Soundtrack;

Video Link : and most Kubrick Scores for that matter!

Kind of goes without saying;

Video Link : finally, something atypically industrially:

Video Link :
# 28 : Sunday 25-12-2011 @ 23:26
Oh, nearly forgot.

For David Lynch fans out there, his own work from the Inland Empire film;

Video Link :

Video Link :
# 29 : Wednesday 4-6-2014 @ 10:20

Video Link : through the pipes the waters fell down to the bottom of the well,
in listless apathy I gazed at the cold waters … - as he bathed.
I half behold that scenery and its most sensual masculinity.
Yet, disappointment, oh, can't you see, is still the cause and the cardinal symptom of my sick, sad reality.

Silver equals chill, but that suits me just fine. I'm shyly sipping
water … while he drinks whole jugs of wine. He likes all kind of women, and I … I only hate … men.
He marvels at all things new to him … - and I only wait … for all things in this sick world … to end.

The water pouring down his spine, caressed his strong physique, oh, so well-defined, calm like a rock he stands, oh, behold his beautiful body and soul a friendly God must have built this man to an all well-balanced whole.
What sad bewilderment this brought, physical clearness, alas, still so much abhorred:
an ancient ghost awoke and fiercely arose in me:
it was that old, savage, yet half-forgotten ideal of perfect neutrality.

Silver equals chill, but that suits me just fine. I'm shyly sipping water…
while he drinks whole jugs of wine. He likes all kind of women, and I…
I only hate… men.
He marvels at all things new to him… -
and I only wait… for all things in this sick world… to end.

I somewhat envy this naturally beautiful man, he never knew or encountered the hatred and shame that I bare.
The doubt, the cloak of disgust and the all-devouring dread, and if I told him about it,
he might only shake his head with kindly amused, melodious laughter,
he then would perhaps merely smile at my … oh, so stupid silliness …
and the beast that is raging inside.
# 30 : Thursday 5-6-2014 @ 12:36
the music to twin peaks always freaks me out! so creepy!
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