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The Wren Boys
# 16 : Wednesday 22-12-2010 @ 01:58
Someone said :
Apparently there still are houses that aren't connected. I was on Inishbofin during the summer and the woman manning the reception was telling us that some houses still don't have electicity. If you can believe that!

Yes, I certainly can. As recently as 1981, almost 10 percent of housing in Ireland still did not have an indoor bathroom or indoor running water. Most of rural Ireland was electrified between the 1930s and the early 1960s but the offshore islands were not given electricity until much, much later.

But back on topic, anyone else got any memories or experiences of the wren boys?
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# 17 : Wednesday 22-12-2010 @ 21:03
ill be out and about with the nephew for this

ill take a pic of the straw and willow and upload it later
# 18 : Wednesday 22-12-2010 @ 21:06
jesus, yiz are strange folk outside the pale
# 19 : Friday 24-12-2010 @ 16:07
They do this in the dark depts of exotic Roscommon too ,
first encountered them about ten years ago,i got the fright of me life whilst stayin with me sis in Tulsk when the lads knocked on the door , and the confusion wasnt helped by my sister (who had only moved there a few weeks before and still had her dublin accent) told me they were Rent Boys
wish more traditions like this were kept up!
# 20 : Sunday 26-12-2010 @ 15:33
Haha typical
As u head out the door
The wren boys arrive
# 21 : Sunday 26-12-2010 @ 16:09
I know some wrent boys, though.
# 22 : Sunday 26-12-2010 @ 16:12
A of lot them around this year I say?
# 23 : Sunday 26-12-2010 @ 16:26
Just back from knocking on doors a few of us.
Here,s our poem we sang seven of us.
We dusted or faces with coal and wore old rags.
We got hot whiskey and mince pies and cash.

The wren, the wren the king of all birds.
On St Stevens day he was caught in the furze.
Up with the kettle down with the pan.
Give us a penny to bury the wren.

As I was going to Cashel wall, I met the wren upon the wall.
I hushed him up, I hused him down.
Chased him into Craddocks town.
I clapped his wings, broke his bay.
Buried him under the abbey gate.
A box of money, a glass of beer, and wish you all Happy New Year.

The tradition is big down here as we seen lots groups playing the wren.
# 24 : Sunday 26-12-2010 @ 18:03
Someone said :
A of lot them around this year I say?

Lot quicker this year must say
# 25 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 05:47
Burning of the wren hats on Beltane, ill be in kilconnly - anyone else involved?

The other hald a Dublin man hadnt even heard of the wren boys until a few years ago, I think it a shame even if its not practiced to lose knowledge of the event itself. Culture and the force fo the past lives through such things
# 26 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 06:17
Never heard of them.
# 27 : Monday 26-12-2011 @ 14:13
*le bump*
# 28 : Monday 26-12-2011 @ 20:24
# 29 : Monday 26-12-2011 @ 21:57
We had some tonight. They frightened the nephew to death.
# 30 : Monday 26-12-2011 @ 22:00
Its become commercialised though, they'll have a Union soon!
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