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When Will Santa Get There? Ask NORAD, Google
# 31 : Tuesday 24-12-2013 @ 20:36
Someone said :

Oh lighten up, commie!

Love the two year delayed reaction.
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# 32 : Tuesday 24-12-2013 @ 20:43
I didn't notice it was an old post. Still applies, though.
# 33 : Tuesday 24-12-2013 @ 20:44
# 34 : Tuesday 24-12-2013 @ 23:16
How a wrong number lead to the NORAD santa tracker.

ALL DAY TODAY excited children, and more than a few adults, will check on the status of Santa.

Services across the world promise to track the man in red on his flight from the North Pole.

The most well-known is the NORAD Santa-Tracker, which every year sees the North American Aerospace Defense Command, a brand of the federal US government, track the presents delivered by Saint Nick.

But why is an agency assigned to protect US airspace bothering with a man in a red suit who brings toys to kids?

It all started with a wrong number.


In 1955, US Department store Sears printed a Christmas Eve ad in a Colorado Springs newspaper for a hotline that allowed children to talk to Santa.

(Wikimedia Commons/NORAD)

Except, they printed the number wrong, mistakenly giving out the number for what was then a regional base for CONAD, the precursor to NORAD.

At CONAD, Colonel Harry Shoup was handed the phone after a young girl had asked a number of times for Santa. As the young girl became more and more upset, Shoup began to play along.

As more calls came in, Shoup told his staff to provide a location for Santa’s sleigh.

From then, a tradition was born and a host of media used.

In 1997, the website was launched, bringing the largely-US tradition to the world.

The programme is run by volunteers who, on Christmas Eve alone, answer 12,000 emails and more than 70,000 telephone calls from more than two hundred countries and territories.

Article source: http://www.thejournal.ie/how-a-wrong-number-led-to-the-santa-trac etc ...

I find this adorable
# 35 : Tuesday 2-12-2014 @ 15:07
Google opens up Santa Tracker with new games

Google is beginning its annual countdown to Christmas with its latest Santa Tracker website.

Tracking Santa's route won't actually start until Christmas Eve but Google updated its Santa-tracking website, Chrome extension and Android app with new games and features to help tide us over in the meantime.

The new Santa's Village has the same countdown timer of years past but adds a host of new features. A new game or activity is unlocked each day Advent Calendar-style, including old favorites like reindeer racing and present parachute drops but also new educational games like coding tutorials, geography games and history lessons about Christmas traditions around the globe.

The games and activities are available on the web and within the Santa Tracker Android app. Users can also take advantage of the Santa Tracker Chrome extension or play games on their TVs with a Chromecast.

It also appears Android Wear integration is on the list of this year's updates so users can track Santa from their wrists as well as tablets and phones.

"The developer elves have been busy, so check out the chrome extension and keep a watch out for Santa surprises throughout the month," the company hinted in its blog. And a closer look at the Android app update notes reveals that Android Wear support was indeed added in the update, though it's not yet clear what the Android Wear integration will look like.

http://mashable.com/2014/12/02/google-opens-santa-tracker/?utm_ca etc ...
# 36 : Tuesday 2-12-2014 @ 21:19
Someone said :
Google opens up Santa Tracker with new games

Google is beginning its annual countdown to Christmas with its latest Santa Tracker website.

I hope Santa isn't depending on Google maps, they're miles out a lot of the time.
# 37 : Wednesday 24-12-2014 @ 16:33
# 38 : Wednesday 24-12-2014 @ 16:53

Santa is great, he's even delivering presents to people who don't celebrate Christmas
# 39 : Wednesday 24-12-2014 @ 17:25
Someone said :

Santa is great, he's even delivering presents to people who don't celebrate Christmas

He'a a menace why hasn't NORAD taken him out already.... They're quick enough to whine about Russia violating airspace...
# 40 : Wednesday 24-12-2014 @ 17:35
Passing over Ireland again at 18.57,W to E.
# 41 : Thursday 25-12-2014 @ 00:59
'twon't be long now!
# 42 : Thursday 24-12-2015 @ 20:26
All you boys and girls on the Nice list better get ready for bed, he's already on the move!

# 43 : Thursday 24-12-2015 @ 20:41
It's not real kevsamo! No such thing as Santa! Soz bbz
# 44 : Thursday 24-12-2015 @ 20:44
Yeah right! Next thing you'll tell me there is no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy.
Or god. Must be the heat of the kitchen has you addled.
# 45 : Thursday 24-12-2015 @ 20:49
Uh huh! *nods* Of course the tooth fairy is real, Santa isn't though. Zionist faggot conspiracy n' stuff.
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