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What Did You Buy Today?
# 1606 : Sunday 11-6-2017 @ 09:13
It better!
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# 1607 : Wednesday 14-6-2017 @ 15:46
How much would you expect to pay for a washing machine?
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# 1608 : Wednesday 14-6-2017 @ 15:59
No more than 300
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# 1609 : Thursday 15-6-2017 @ 23:37
Now to get it to stop playing an irritating tune at the end of the cycle...
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# 1610 : Friday 16-6-2017 @ 00:18
In reality, white goods like washing machines and cookers are much less expensive in relation to incomes than in the 1980s. They are now much more affordable. And so many people now don't bother to get a faulty device repaired - they just buy a new one.

...I am on the look out for a new cooker and washing machine. My current ones work, but not very well.
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# 1611 : Friday 16-6-2017 @ 01:37
Dunno, somethings in Germany are just much cheaper, I wouldn't see the point of spending that much on a machine when you get a real good one for 300 at most.
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# 1612 : Friday 16-6-2017 @ 16:16
A tiny 3.2" LCD Touchscreen Display Module for one of Pi's.
Making a portable network baby monitor.
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# 1613 : Saturday 17-6-2017 @ 06:14
You must have enough electronics to build a spaceship at this stage, Super!
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# 1614 : Saturday 17-6-2017 @ 09:33
Someone said :
You must have enough electronics to build a spaceship at this stage, Super!

I probably do The girlfriend is used to me building things by now though, and I keep it all in the computer room.
I love building/upgrading things and experimenting. She doesn't complain when she is playing The sims 4 in Ultra on the PC I built her, or playing all the mario games on the multi console emulator

I always sell on what I don't need any more, so the house doesn't look like something off Hoarders
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# 1615 : Wednesday 5-7-2017 @ 09:38
Some cheap ass Dunlop fashion trainers for only €13.80 We love you Mike Ashley.
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