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Proposed Changes For Next Update
# 1 : Sunday 4-1-2004 @ 21:13
Hi Guys. I'm working on a big update for the site with the following proposed changes :

Slight redesign to make them look more like the message boards. Also I'm thinking of putting the username and avatar beside each advert - it will make it easier for moderators and users alike to spot spamming, etc. We could also provide a link to all ads by that user. Any objections to this?

All replies to classifieds, personal messages, profiles (see below), will now be stored online instead of being sent to your email address. There will be a limit of 100 messages per user.

This area will include a sent folder and a contacts area to manage up to 50 Gaire contacts. Messages can be sent to any or all contacts in your inbox.

The grey menu bar above will update itself every few minutes so you'll see if you have new messages or not.

A mailshot will be sent out once a week to the relevant people if they need to check their messages online.

Members will be able to give more information about themselves (e.g., "I am flat-hunting" / "Looking for friendship" which will show up on the Who's Online page and we will also have searchable profiles of those who aren't online.

I'm gonna make it a bit more snazzy. Plus maybe have a text box where you can update your online status as you login ???

The main thing about this update is that everyone will be contactable without giving out emails, etc.

Any questions / feedback ?
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# 2 : Sunday 4-1-2004 @ 21:19
Sounds great!

everyone will be contactable? you mean I don't have type:
Welcome to Gaire Newbie!
To activate your email link


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# 3 : Sunday 4-1-2004 @ 21:20
Exactly Kevsamo!
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# 4 : Sunday 4-1-2004 @ 21:34
Sounds good Thomas, more and more user friendly every day. Where do you get the time?
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# 5 : Sunday 4-1-2004 @ 21:43
I particularly like the proposed changes to classifieds.
reading several hundred ads a day, I have figured out who most of the spammers are, but I am sure a lot of unwary users have been duped by less than the truth in ads?

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# 6 : Sunday 4-1-2004 @ 21:59
is there no end to Sir Thomas's talents. . . . the mans a legend ! love ya dude ! bring on da changes ! WooHOOOOOOOOO ! ! !

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# 7 : Sunday 4-1-2004 @ 22:00
thumbs up !!
and what about a chat room for members ?
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# 8 : Sunday 4-1-2004 @ 22:06
I won't rule it out but for the moment I think its best to let people arrange chat themselves via Yahoo / Messenger, etc.
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# 9 : Monday 5-1-2004 @ 00:06
Something that might be helpful would be a link to an Irish gay chat-room on the welcoming page.

I think some of the newbies we have on here (particularly recently)do not really understand the differences between a message board and a chat room.

If there was a link to, say, Gay.coms's Ireland chat rooms on that page, we could direct people (I refuse to use that dreadful slang 'peeps')to it directly, and say something like:
"if you want to chat, click on the link to Gay.com's chat rooms on the first page and choose the gay teens room" or whatever.

What about it?
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# 10 : Monday 5-1-2004 @ 00:10
Or, we could shunt them all off to GayCork.com?
Pipey would love to host a chat room for teens, I'm sure!

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# 11 : Monday 5-1-2004 @ 00:13
thomas! do you ever sleep???
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# 12 : Saturday 3-1-2004 @ 11:07
there is a chat on gaycork.com, but we don't over publicise it, its mostly used by the fourm members when they want to chat...


Chat rooms swallow bandwidth and server resources and are a right pain to administer!

Aa for the gaire changes - go for it T!! you might also allow a photo to be linked from you profile? (As we discussed before?)
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# 13 : Monday 5-1-2004 @ 11:19
Will do - and thanks for those other suggestions too!
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# 14 : Monday 5-1-2004 @ 13:40
I like the proposed changes. Two thumbs up.

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# 15 : Thursday 8-1-2004 @ 08:16
A suggestion?
Up top, maybe to the right of the
'Links' button, how about a 'FAQ's' button?

What is an Avatar?
How do I change my Avatar?
How do I blow my nose?


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