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Phone Call Scam
# 1 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 09:33
got a phone call today asking me to turn on my computer as there could be corrupt files on my computer, straight away i knew this was a scam so i ask what company he was ringing from and he just said my local computer store! The problem was he knew everyone's name in da house and the house phone number which goes to show you how sophisticated that they are getting. Just wanted to warn people not to listen to him and hang up plus i wanted to know has anyone got caught with this scam?
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# 2 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 10:22
Are you all on the electoral register?
# 3 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:09
We get the calls at the stores too,, they want to know our ip address and stuff like that and some people have given them to them and they have hacked the system in the shop,,
# 4 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:11
Does anyone actually fall for this, does anyone ever give money to a cold caller.
# 5 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:12
This is all a bit fonejacker....
Im from your bank!
Which bank?
Your bank!
# 6 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:13
You'd be surprised.

I know of two people who fell prey to FB con artists, one lost 5,000 euro, the other lost 96 euro.

I don;t know about the phone scams, but I would imagine some vulnerable people would fall prey to this.
# 7 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:17
I would be shocked my father is in his late 70s and can just about use a computer which is still witchcraft to him, he was getting these calls and even he smelt a rat so he hung up each time.
# 8 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:17
How did the facebook scam work?
# 9 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:18
My mother got that call just before christmas, thankfully she had enough sense to tell them to Cunt Off in her own way.
# 10 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:23
Someone said :
How did the facebook scam work?

One fell victim to the Deaf Lottery Scam. The last post in the following thread explains it.
Link For This Page : https://www.gaire.com/e/f/view.asp?parent=1494682&nav=30

The other one... give bank details, in order to get your winnings, well, you know the rest.

I myself got a mail in my FB this morning... sadly representative.
Between You and Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas 04 January at 04:10 Report
This is to inform you that facebook is compensating our user with a token of $100,000 USD (Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) each out of the profit the company make in the just ended year 2010.

Get back to our claims department immediately you receive this message through (deafpromo1@blumail.org) if you are the owner of this Face Book Account, I am pleased to announce to you that the total sum of $1,000,000,000 USD (One Billion United States Dollars)is to be shared among out first lucky twenty winners in the FACEBOOK New Year give away promotion for the deaf and the less previledge with a facebook a current facebook account.

Winners are randomly selected by our CEO Mr Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel

For More details and up to date Information about this Promotion, Get back to us immediately to redeem your Money through our Payment Department.

Contact Department : Payment Department

Contact E-mail : deafpromo1@blumail.org

All winners are to get back to deafpromo1@blumail.org within the next 24 hours for effective delivery of their Won Money.

Once Again Congratulations

The scary thing is... they seem to be very successful in finding deaf people. How did they know I was deaf? I did not join any FB deaf groups, etc etc...
# 11 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:29
The Deaf Lottery? How did the person you know fall for that?
# 12 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:40
A lot of hackers impersonate Irish Deaf people's FB accounts. We are forever reporting these fake accounts.

I note that none of my hearing friends have had their accounts copied, apart from one woman who lives in the Middle East. Deaf people? Happens a lot.

This happened to the chaplain who works for the Deaf community in Ireland. the hacker impersonating him succeeded in duping one otherwise tech savvy and intelligent woman. Luckily she found out about this scam when she emailed the chaplain in question querying the amount to be sent.

The woman who lost 5000 euro... her account was emptied. She was particularly vulnerable and believed the hackers who told her she won the Deaf lottery, and that she was to tell nobody.

Poor woman. Lost her life savings.
# 13 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:42
Is there such a thing as the deaf lottery? It just sounds completely ridiculous.

The general rule of thumb is that you can't win anything you didn't enter.
# 14 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:44
The deaf lottery.....I have never heard of it.......sounds made up......
# 15 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:44
Exactly. There is no such thing. It's completely ridiculous, and yet we're forever reporting these unwanted mails from the Deaf Lottery criminal gang. A complete scam. In case the OP thinks that this is not relevant to the topic of this thread, it's the closest equivalent facing deaf people.

The scary thing is... people have lost their money (and worse) to these criminals.
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