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Phone Call Scam
# 16 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:46
A Deaf man made a video on the Deaf Lottery. Here is what he said in his warning video.

Hello. I want to warn you big time... Someone tried to connect with me. Her name is Andrea White from Glasgow, near the airport area. How did we meet? through Facebook. She contacted me. I mailed her, asking who she was, could I see a picture of her face. She told me that she was new to facebook, that she wanted to make friends. So I decided to see how we got on, in conversation. She said that she was a Deaf woman living in Glasgow. I told her I was from Bristol. I asked her which school she attended. She said it 'was far away." I asked again WHICH school she attended. She said 'Australia'. I told her I was from Australia myself, I'm from Yorkshire but told her I moved to Britain, to see what she had to say, as a test. So I asked her the name of the school she attended. She would not tell me. This made me suspicious. You know Deaf people always say which school they attended, and tell me more, that's to be expected. However this woman was very reluctant to tell me, this is very strange.
There is something strange there. She tried to tell me about the Deaf Lottery. Well, the Deaf Lottery is trying to CON YOU. Also, if you want, anybody, to be all excited that you won the lottery, it's actually someone trying to trick you, the person, it doesn't matter who or what name you get, the Deaf Lottery is trying to trick you, in getting your bank details, credit cards,and so on. You pay £500, and if you 'won', you'd get GB STG £600,000! They say that the deaf lottery's money is from the world. I asked the person where the money was from. he said France. I thought it was strange. Ok. We continued on chatting. He told me that If I won 600,000, fine. If not, I'll get my money back, The £500, but they would take £200 in 'banking charges'.
I pay £500. They give me £300 back, keep £200. BUT that I'd certainly have won £600,000. I was suspicious, and asked them for details of their website. They told me their website isn't updated with the latest information yet, so I was to wait. I told them I would look at the website and read the information FIRST before making any decisions. Well, they were extremely persistent in trying to get me to sign up. Well, forget it! I'm WARNING YOU, If someone wants to connect with you on Facebook, and you don't know this person, IGNORE IT! If you know this person well, then you can add this person to your facebook. It happened to me. So I removed these people from my Facebook. SO I WARN YOU, avoid anything to do with Deaf Lottery. It's already happened in America. A lot of Deaf people's lives were ruined there. I googled a lot of information on this scam, and also looked at Youtube videos where Deaf people gave signed accounts of the scam, over losing money. They never actually won anything. I'm warning you. Please don't let them fool you! I warn you. I support the British Deaf community, and other Deaf communities worldwide. Ok? Thank you for listening to me.

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# 17 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:53
Got one of these calls before Christmas, was a bit hung over at the time and had been having problems with my computer and internet connection. Have to say she was pretty good and it took me a few minutes......can't believe I had her that long on the phone (the Demon Drink).....before I copped! Mentioned it to several friends since, and they also had similar calls! Only embarssing thing was that they all copped, terminating the call immediatley and they've been salgging me since about being so naive!
# 18 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:54
Someone said :
Are you all on the electoral register?

yeah am on it but how do they get ur landline number if it aint listed?
# 19 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 12:55
That's a very good question. I think there has to be more to it than mere random dialling.
# 20 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 13:00
Someone said :
Does anyone actually fall for this, does anyone ever give money to a cold caller.

never give money to any1 over da phone when i get a cold call, but its like the bank scam as well where you get a mail that looks genuine and it directs you to a website that looks real and thats how they get your pin! Again you would be surprised with the amount of people that fall for it.
# 21 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 13:03
Landline with eircom by any chance? Directory Enquiries.
# 22 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 13:05
The last scam I got was of the e-bay variety. Someone won an auction for my old PSP and even went to the bother of forging a PayPal receipt with the idea I'd send him the device. He, of course, never paid a single cent and was trying to scam me out of a PSP.

I sent him around every other post office in Lagos to pick up that PSP with bogus references and made-up names which (of course) was never sent in the first place. More fool him for thinking old Dolli wouldn't spot a forged e-mail header instantly.
# 23 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 13:06
they do not provide ex-directory numbers.
# 24 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 13:06
Someone said :
Landline with eircom by any chance? Directory Enquiries.

no its ex directory so even directory enquiries dont have the number listed and not with eircom shower of robbers.
# 25 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 14:18
My mother got one of these calls a couple of months ago but thankfully wised up before she gave out any details.

As a rule of thumb though don't click on any links if you get an email claiming to be from a bank. You can usually mouse over it and see where it really leads in the status bar anyway if you do think it's legit. I get emails from AIB all the time but AIB sure as shit do not have an email address for me. Also I love the mails you get that say they're from eBay, and have the "We're using your real name so you know it's legit!" line, but don't actually use your name at all.
# 26 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 15:27
Yeah you'd be surprised with the amount of people that MAY be caught out with all these scams. I think the key here is to ask them loads of questions and if you have any doubt hang up on them. As for email scam's I think the more people who highlight them the better for everyone else and I NEVER give out any of my details to anyone either by mail or phone unless I confirm who they are.
# 27 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 17:41
They have called me at least three times at this stage,they are based in India and if you follow their instructions to scan for bugs,the cursor takes on a life of its own as they clear out your bank account,my advice would be to wind them up by flirting with them in a salacious manner,be as filthy as possible.
# 28 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 19:50
got one of them calls, kept asking the guy to repeat himself as i was a bit slow, after 20 minutes he got pissed of saying the same thing over an over he hung up on me. cheekie bas---d.
# 29 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 19:56
Are they only ringing landlines? My parents only answer the phone to people who they know (the phone tells them who it is from numbers programmed in) otherwise it goes to voicemail, so doubt they'll get fooled.
# 30 : Tuesday 4-1-2011 @ 20:02
I was trying to block the number from my fathers phone but it was a number with-held.
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