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Phone Call Scam
# 61 : Wednesday 29-6-2011 @ 21:44
Someone said :
These guys are so stupid they phone you back in a few days time even AFTER you tell them that you don't have a computer!!!!

You don't have a computer?
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# 62 : Wednesday 29-6-2011 @ 22:03
Someone said :

You don't have a computer?

I do but friends of mine don't!

Think it quite obv that I have one!
# 63 : Tuesday 12-7-2011 @ 18:02
Scam texts pretend to be from… the Data Protection Commissioner

THE OFFICE of the Data Protection Commissioner was set up to protect the public from having their personal data compromised. Now it has found itself drawn into a would-be scam scheme.

The Office of the DPC has posted a “scam warning” on its website, warning the public that text messages are being circulated to people’s mobiles purporting to be from the DPC. The messages claim that a “data security breach” has occurred and that members of the public must call a telephone number and leave their name, address and Personal Public Service Number on an answering machine.

The warning on the DPC website read:

We advise anyone receiving such messages not to call the number provided. Instead they can report the incident to this Office at 057 868 4800.

The Office of the DPC’s phoneline is open during office hours, from 9.15am-5.30pm.

# 64 : Saturday 14-7-2012 @ 08:16
I got this text from the BBC last night and again this morning.


Yahoo ! I'm rich !
# 65 : Saturday 14-7-2012 @ 08:35
no but never talk to anyone like that
# 66 : Saturday 14-7-2012 @ 14:35
how come they always ring just as you are about to sit down to your dinner
# 67 : Saturday 14-7-2012 @ 14:44
I've had a couple of these calls over the years. The last one was around 2 weeks ago. It was a women with an Asian accent. In the past they were always Indian-Pakistani but this one I'm not sure. I am curious as to whether this reflects the experiences of other recipients of these phonecalls?
Reply Website
# 68 : Sunday 3-2-2013 @ 14:06
Yahoo I'm rich again !
Dear Beloved one, I will like you to read this mail showing some sign of concern to it. My name is Puan.Haryati Binti Ahamad a business merchant. As a result of my present medical condition now, my personal doctor confided in me few days ago that I have only but few more weeks to live and I see it as life been unfair to me. All my life i always pray for more opportunity of helping/contributing on humanitarian assistance. In view of this setback, i want to donate my estate for humanitarian assistance, since this has always been the plan of my late husband and besides i have no child. I once asked members of my family to close one of my accounts and distribute the money which I have there to charity Organization in Somalia and Pakistan, they refused and kept the money to themselves. Hence, I do not trust them anymore, as they seem not to be contended with what I have left for them. In an effort to compliment the good work of God almighty and the wish of my late Husband I donate the sum of £2,000,000.00 (Two Million Great Britain Pounds) to you. On your acknowledgement of this mail and informing me of your nationality and current place of resident, my lawyer will facilitate due processes for transfer of this legacy to you. May God bless you as you use this money judiciously for the work of charity. Sincere Regards, Puan.Haryati Binti Ahamad Reply To: haryatibinti@yahoo.com

# 69 : Sunday 3-2-2013 @ 14:25
There was a lot of scam calls in Ireland the last few weeks

# 70 : Monday 4-2-2013 @ 11:30
Enda to the rescue!

# 71 : Thursday 11-4-2013 @ 08:08
Suspected email scammer gives €100,000 to church in Tralee.

The priest wasn't believing the emails or phone calls so the anonymous Hong Kong lady came in person with a cheque.
# 72 : Thursday 29-4-2021 @ 15:58
Got my first DSP scam call telling me my PPS is compromised etc.
Navan number looking like +353 46 91- ---8
Sounded official enough: some elderly would definitely call for it, or people with limited exposure to scams.
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