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Game Of Thrones - G.R.R.Martin
# 1 : Saturday 15-1-2011 @ 13:39
Has anyone read this series? He's not finished it yet but it's to be televised by HBO in April.

The plot follows A Song of Ice and Fire very closely, Martin said e was very happy with the scriptwork.
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# 2 : Saturday 15-1-2011 @ 13:42

# 3 : Thursday 27-1-2011 @ 15:18

11 minute making of. Looks very good.
# 4 : Thursday 27-1-2011 @ 23:04

Oh CZ, where have you been? We've been waiting for A Dance With Dragons for years now. The series looks promising - i just hope HBO don't try to water it down - some of the themes can be quite risque.

# 5 : Sunday 30-1-2011 @ 12:43
I'm just starting Clash of Kings. Game of Thrones was brilliant. Way darker and more complex than I expected. I have every faith in HBO that they'll make an excellent job of this. By the looks of the trailer they made Dany 15-16 as opposed to 13-14. For anyone who's read the series, you'll know why this could be seen as watering down her character a bit but HBO have some stringent child portrayal laws they have to abide by so don't really blame them.
# 6 : Sunday 30-1-2011 @ 18:01
I luckily got to meet George RR Martin at Octocon just gone there, He previewed an exerpt from the new book (I think it takes place at the same time as the fourth one)
It was decent.

We asked him about the show but unfortunately he either couldnt tell us or was out of his hands etc.
# 7 : Sunday 30-1-2011 @ 19:50
Wow - didn't realise he was at Octocon. Hopefully the new book will be published soon.
# 8 : Monday 31-1-2011 @ 23:20
I was talking to bookshop-guy and he said he was talking to George Martin in the shop. Apparently he's writing the next two books concurrently and hopes to finish them within the next couple of years, he doesn't want to rush them. A lot of his time is taken up with touring and the HBO series at the minute. So we shall have to wait it seems.
# 9 : Monday 31-1-2011 @ 23:47
The last book was split into two books so its probably just another book being split up again. And this is after he finishes the current one?
# 10 : Tuesday 1-2-2011 @ 12:54
I just read about this and looked at a few of the trailers it looks great.
# 11 : Thursday 3-2-2011 @ 09:42
Someone said :
The last book was split into two books so its probably just another book being split up again. And this is after he finishes the current one?

Nah, I think he was talking about the current one
# 12 : Monday 7-3-2011 @ 17:01
HBO's A Game of Thrones is building quite the buzz. The series premieres Sunday, April 17, but the network will offer a 15-minute preview of the pilot episode two weeks earlier, on April 3, in an attempt to further whet the appetites of those who can't wait to see Sean Bean once again grow his hair long and furrow his brow at magicians.

In related news, author George R.R. Martin recently announced that the fifth book in the fantasy series that inspired the HBO show will be published in July.
# 13 : Saturday 26-3-2011 @ 12:28
This premières in one week. *excitement*
# 14 : Saturday 26-3-2011 @ 19:13
the advert was just on .. cant wait for this
# 15 : Monday 4-4-2011 @ 16:48
HBO screened the first 15 minutes last night. It seems to be sticking VERY closely to the book, which is great. Can't wait to see the direwolves (the clip finishes just before they're found!)

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