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Game Of Thrones - G.R.R.Martin
# 181 : Saturday 6-8-2011 @ 02:57
Great video
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# 182 : Saturday 6-8-2011 @ 14:00
So I watched the series on sky atlantic religiously. Loved it. Really my kind of thing (Its so good that I have it skyplussed - every episode)

I bought the first book a while ago and am nearly finished. I don't want it to end. I am dragging it now at this stage. What is most unusual for me is that I always read the book first then watch. If I continue this way it will be ages before I read all the books.

Does anyone know when the next series is due to air?
# 183 : Saturday 6-8-2011 @ 14:20
Next spring, same time the first one aired.was up north and saw that they were filming around hillsborough last week,got quite excited spotting the GOT signs lesding crew to the areas.
# 184 : Saturday 6-8-2011 @ 14:33
Oh that long

I will probably have to continue reading the books so. At least I have the characters in my mind. Its funny how you imagine them to be without watching the series.

Is it Belfast they film it? Its quite amazing stuff...
# 185 : Saturday 6-8-2011 @ 14:39
Titanic studios and all over the north though the sunny exteriors were done in malta.even the tent interiors were in belfast,we saw jason momoa out one night last year,hes stunning,huge and happy and charismatic.not my type but he really has something
# 186 : Saturday 6-8-2011 @ 14:43
Thanks Marty75.
Interesting stuff.
Oh love him. He looks completely different out of character - as you would I suppose

Love the Khal Drogo!
# 187 : Saturday 6-8-2011 @ 14:58
The GOT Comic Con Panel

# 188 : Saturday 6-8-2011 @ 15:03
I'm in the middle of book 1 and finding it a bit boring, mainly cause they did such a good job adaptin it p TV that there's nothing original to read! Can't wait to get to game too.
# 189 : Thursday 11-8-2011 @ 10:59
Michael McElhatton has joined the cast of Game of Thrones.

The Irish actor, who shot to fame as Rats in the satirical TV drama Paths to Freedom, will play Roose Bolton in the second series of the epic HBO fantasy drama which is being shot on location in Belfast and Malta.

McElhatton's character sounds like quite a nasty piece of work - not unusual in a show stuffed with sinister backstabbers. Bolton, Lord of the Dreadfort, is a hard nut whose allegiance is to Winterfell even though his family was once sworn enemies of the Starks.

Dubliner McElhatton is more usually best known for his comic work with the iconic working-class layabout of Rats (which he reprised in the film, Spin the Bottle) one of the most recognisable faces on Irish TV in recent times.
# 190 : Thursday 11-8-2011 @ 11:09
The books are very good but the series is'nt great
# 191 : Thursday 11-8-2011 @ 11:20
McElhatton looks suitably severe though he may have to wear contacts as Roose' eyes are supposedly like ice.
# 192 : Sunday 14-8-2011 @ 14:09
Finished the latest book last night. Pretty turgid stuff. Lots of fine details and some amazing moments but as with AFFC, nothing much happens to move the plot forward. And sadly some characters such as Daenerys seem to have had a personality transplant. All of this wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't taken 11 years for the last 2 books (which were originally one book) to come out. 4/5
# 193 : Sunday 14-8-2011 @ 14:46
Must... Resist... Urge... To spoil myself!

Is it good Thomas?
# 194 : Sunday 14-8-2011 @ 15:06
Its good but not as eventful as the first three books.
# 195 : Sunday 14-8-2011 @ 17:46
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