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Game Of Thrones - G.R.R.Martin
# 1186 : Tuesday 31-5-2016 @ 14:48
Someone said :
Have to admit, getting a bit bored of Dany's rousing speeches.

You mean Daenerys of House Targaryen, the first of her Name, Queen of Meereen, Andals, Rhoynar and the First Men, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Lord of the Dance, Sign 'o' The Times, Purple Reign, Children of a Lesser God, War of the Worlds, Breaker of Chains, Last Train to Clarksville, Song of the Sea, Bat out of Hell, and Mother of Dragons?
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# 1187 : Tuesday 31-5-2016 @ 17:54
The season fills like a filler, I don't think there has been a real standout episode yet.
# 1188 : Tuesday 31-5-2016 @ 21:03
I'm loving it - as someone who has read the books it's exciting not knowing what's gonna happen.

Good to see Arya or should I say no one has finally finished her City & Guilds course in Begging and Punch Taking ...
# 1189 : Tuesday 31-5-2016 @ 22:11
A man is beginning to get fed up of Arya's plot line. After all this time she suddenly throws it all away. I guess she is staying true to her conscience. A man hopes she cuts that bitch good with her little stabby sword.
# 1190 : Tuesday 31-5-2016 @ 22:31
That would be so good! That cow has hardly fought fair so far though. I wonder if Arya's lost direwolf Nymeria will play a part in it.
# 1191 : Tuesday 7-6-2016 @ 00:11
Well that was ... not great. A great deal of our time was invested in learning about Brother Lovejoy only for him and his entire community to be despatched off-camera. Why did that happen? I'm not sure. But I do know that the return of The Hound felt less dramatic than it should have been.

We did get some drama and comedy in the form of Lady Lyanna, bratty little girl and head of the Bear Islands, who wrangled with Snow and Sansa at length before eventually committing 62 men to the struggle. I was surprised she didn't demand an iphone and a trip to the zoo in return. I hope she gets more scenes.

There was one other delightful scene - the desperate diplomacy of Cersai as she faces one merciless put-down after another from Olenna Tyrell.

Meanwhile, Yara Greyjoy made her brother get drunk and told him to stop being such a dickless wuss. The only thing enlivening thing about the scene was Yara's sexy way with the prostitute.

Meanwhile, Jaime pissed about exchanging blather with Lord Fishpaste or something, who lives in a castle copied from clip-art into Northern Ireland.

And finally, there was Arya, who stupidly gadded about the place flinging money around when she knew that The No-Name Bitch would be out to get her. Now she lurches through the streets with her intestines in her hands. I assume she will fall into the care of the nice theatre luvvie actress from last week, who will nurse her back to health and then cast her as "Arya" in their ongoing street theatre version of Game Of Thrones - a show likely to become entertaining than the main one if the writers don't soon cop on and give us something more than woodcutters, off-camera murders, mexican stand-offs and near-deaths in the forthcoming episodes.

My rating: 5/10
# 1192 : Tuesday 7-6-2016 @ 03:35

I fucking loved this weeks episode.

It's gonna happen. Ayra's day is going to come.
# 1193 : Friday 10-6-2016 @ 02:03
The pet theory doing the rounds about Arya being stabbed and how it wasn't actually Arya but someone wearing her face is intriguing!
# 1194 : Friday 10-6-2016 @ 08:31
I think it's obvious that she is seeking revenge, I think is that she faked the stabbing with the help of her actress friend.
# 1195 : Friday 10-6-2016 @ 09:59
Someone said :
There was one other delightful scene - the desperate diplomacy of Cersai as she faces one merciless put-down after another from Olenna Tyrell.

I watched that scene a few times - bliss!

The Arya theory I've heard is the waif is Arya and she is killing her old self / life in some sort of Fight Club scenario.
# 1196 : Friday 10-6-2016 @ 17:13
Someone said :

I watched that scene a few times - bliss!

The Arya theory I've heard is the waif is Arya and she is killing her old self / life in some sort of Fight Club scenario.

Another theory is that Jaqun is wearing the face of Arya to trick the Waif. He told the Waif that Arya was not to suffer - but as Jaqun suspected, she disobeyed and twisted the knife. Now Jaqun is staggering about bleeding.
# 1197 : Friday 10-6-2016 @ 20:05
Test, trials and tedious teaching…

Arya must be sick of it all. I’ve seen the clip of next week's show - she’s running quicker than a fresh march hare so some things are certainly in motion. Anyways, the waif is overdue her fall no doubt - ‘no one’, is certainly someone with a grudge. The request to not make her suffer didn’t seem a casual one at all.
# 1198 : Saturday 11-6-2016 @ 17:09
I wouldn't "bet" on anything in the Ayra story.

The followings are my guesses:

It's my guess is that wither or not there is something going on with faces is about 50/50 (there is a 50% chance that that really was the waif, really stabbing real Ayra in the gut, and I'm going to run with that contingency, rather then the other likely one that "Ayra" in the episode was in fact the no named man testing the Waif)

But the lead up to the scene was too open to tell

On the surface:

we saw Ayra go to sleep with her reclaimed sword two episodes ago, I was expecting a night time encounter with the waif

But then on last weeks episode she was out and about without her sword and her personality was decidedly different then normal too.

My suspicions are it was genuinely her that got attacked, but that she had planned to "be wounded, but get away", She's been beaten in sparring matches by the Waif for about 600 seasons so, if I know my favorite character (competitive, studious, always thinking) She concocted a plan to kill the Waif, as a sort of forfeit/payment to the no named man, and she's doing it by appealing to the Waif's predatory nature and jealously of her.
The Waif probably wants Ayra to "suffer" and doesn't mind ignoring the no named man's request, which is how Ayra knew she would not kill her outright, instead she will wound her then hunt her down and then kill her.

Ayra's blood splatter hand prints that she "accidentally" left on the walls as she escaped will no doubt make it easier for the Waif to follow her to wherever Ayra is leading them both.
Its my guess that she is leading them somewhere where she will confront the waif (possibly with an advantage, perhaps somewhere with poor visibility) and kill her in a way the no name man will easily find, and then she will successfully leave having fullfilled the no name man's words that "one way or another a face will be added to the halls"

# 1199 : Monday 13-6-2016 @ 23:47
So much for those wild Arya theories, ahem.

Good prediction there GM
# 1200 : Tuesday 14-6-2016 @ 12:16
A man was very impressed by Arya's ability to run, jump and combat while her belly was cut to pieces.
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