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Game Of Thrones - G.R.R.Martin
# 1201 : Tuesday 14-6-2016 @ 18:09
Arya getting stabbed because she was being a bit of a twat was a bit of a let down - I wanted a dramatic twist rather then a human flaw. I can't help but feel though that there will be more 'lessons' for Arya over the next while.
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# 1202 : Tuesday 14-6-2016 @ 18:56
Someone said :
Arya getting stabbed because she was being a bit of a twat was a bit of a let down - I wanted a dramatic twist rather then a human flaw. I can't help but feel though that there will be more 'lessons' for Arya over the next while.

I think Greenman is right though. It was Arya's plan, even though it didn't go quite as smoothly as she expected.
# 1203 : Tuesday 14-6-2016 @ 23:48
Yeah, the only think I missed with my wild prediction was the fact that Ayra plain and simply "got done" becasue of her own error, rather then it was her plan all along.

Come on Ayra, don't let the side down.

I hope from now one she'll feature more, but to be honest, I won't hold my breath. We probably wont see her again until she appears suddenly in Westeros.
Her storyline is following the classic Japanese hero story:
Disaster befalls a young royal (or a young orphan, who turns out to be royal), who then goes on a dangerous journey to become strong in the name of vengeance).

If Mr/ Author doesn't get an itch to kill another main character in the story and Arya survives another few episodes, then according to the classical shape of the narrative she's following, she's now powerful enough to seek her revenge, but in attampting to do so she'll learn more about the world then she new as a kid, and develops a new focus, typically, one involving saving the world (or saving "everyone") Rather then continuing on her own, now selfish seeming goals.

I'm hoping she's going to play a big part in the "big" war; the Ice dudes Vs Westeros Vs Dragon Queen.
# 1204 : Wednesday 15-6-2016 @ 13:31
I was enjoying season six until some Muppet decided to add a Fart noise when Pycelle was confronted with Gregor.. Fart jokes..!! in Game of thrones..!! Really.. Makes me sad..
# 1205 : Saturday 18-6-2016 @ 16:06
I bawled my eyes out when it was revealed that Bran made Hodor what he was & when Theon apologised to Sansa for all he had done Superb writing..
# 1206 : Sunday 19-6-2016 @ 13:28
The next episode should be a cracker.

Snow v Ramsey!
# 1207 : Monday 20-6-2016 @ 13:10
Nearly spotted a few spoilers online - bloody newspaper sites!
# 1208 : Monday 20-6-2016 @ 13:12
Just watched it. Brilliant episode!
# 1209 : Monday 20-6-2016 @ 13:42
Just watched it there too. Fantastic. Especially the ending
# 1210 : Monday 20-6-2016 @ 20:05
Ramsey is pedigree chum!
# 1211 : Monday 20-6-2016 @ 22:34
Hot tip of the day: When running down a battlefield trying to evade a madman firing arrows at you ... try going in a zig zag direction rather than a straight line. Makes it much harder to be hit.
# 1212 : Tuesday 21-6-2016 @ 01:58
Hot tip of the day #2: A person going into battle should have some kind of weapon, giants included. If a huge sword cannot be fashioned for a giant, at least get him a large tree trunk to wield in the field of doom. Otherwise, he can end up pussyfooting about foolishly instead of being a decisive member of your squad.
# 1213 : Monday 27-6-2016 @ 16:12
The Last Episode (contains spoilers for THE FINAL EPISODE OF THIS SEASON, i.e., the one on later today, this evening)

It took a while but Ayra is finally back in Westeros, and has already gone about murdering the entire Frey family, (awesome), as said previously I really hope she becomes a major player in the story now, she;s been on the back burner for so long

John Snow not being Ned's son was a great development, and of all the storylines has captured my imagination for the next season best, he's a Stark becasue of his Mother, and they didn't reveal his father.

Cersei did what does does best and led to probably the biggest mass killings in the series since the red wedding, the "Green trial" perhaps

I though the this and the last couple of episodes, were comparable to feature length films in their own right. Unbelievably good quality stuff, where probably not going to be a better funded, acted and written series for a loooooong time.

# 1214 : Monday 27-6-2016 @ 20:52
Ah we know who Jon's Dad is. It's Rhaegar, so he's Dany's nephew.
# 1215 : Monday 27-6-2016 @ 20:56
R + L = J as the fan theory is known.

But what an episode. I was expecting a quiet enough episode after last weeks spectacular and was I wrong. I thought it was amazing, maybe even better than episode 9.
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