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Game Of Thrones - G.R.R.Martin
# 1231 : Wednesday 12-7-2017 @ 17:37
Dany and Jon up a tree ...

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# 1232 : Monday 17-7-2017 @ 14:59
Just watched it. Better not say anything until other people have a chance to watch it.

It aired this morning on Sky Atlantic @ 2am.
# 1233 : Monday 17-7-2017 @ 21:09
Pro tip: Put the snacks down during Sam's scene.
# 1234 : Tuesday 18-7-2017 @ 21:13

Could that stupid cameo be more in your face?
# 1235 : Tuesday 18-7-2017 @ 21:47
Ha it was indeed.
# 1236 : Wednesday 19-7-2017 @ 08:15
Bit of a random cameo wonder who else is going to randomly appear, great first episode.
# 1237 : Wednesday 19-7-2017 @ 12:45
Arya's opening scene landed a little roughly for me - wouldn't it have worked better as the final scene last season?

I didn't mind Ed, he sang well and didn't have any speaking lines that I recall. It was a cool tension-releasing scene I thought. The great thing about this show is that often times not a lot happens but when you like the actors so much that its just a pleasure to watch them at work. The hound's scene was great - hope to see more from the Brotherhood in the coming episodes.
# 1238 : Wednesday 19-7-2017 @ 19:20
Someone said :
Arya's opening scene landed a little roughly for me - wouldn't it have worked better as the final scene last season?

I liked it but know what you mean. I think it was either supposed to confuse people or show people she needs business and in that sense neither worked.
# 1239 : Wednesday 19-7-2017 @ 21:29
Yeah it might have worked better if we hadn't seen him killed already.
# 1240 : Thursday 20-7-2017 @ 13:55
Ayra's scene was 6 years coming.

The beauty of it was you already saw what happened to him, this time you the viewer were "in" on it in complete dramatic opposition to the red wedding.

I though it was a master stroke of storying telling. Great use of dramatic irony to remind you that the Ayra (and most of the Starks) has always been portrayed from the viewers perpective, she never had secreats from the viewer or been used for dramamtic irony, or pull back/reveals. She didn't "go missing and suddenly show up" we've been seeing her viewpoint the whole time and now finally she's the one with the effecting the world, and not vice versa, and we're in there with her, as we are with brandon, Jon, Sansa, etc.
# 1241 : Thursday 20-7-2017 @ 21:31
Sams scene reminded me of a scene in the Movie Delicatessen and it was very well done.
I don't get the big deal with that Ed fella, he said 2 lines and sang a bit, if no one knew him it would have been no different, many characters in the series are well known and i have had no problem tuning them out. I was more thrown by the Harry Potter similarities with Sam and the head maester.
Much like every first episode of every season i was a bit unmoved but that will probably change after i re-watch it after seeing the whole season. I suppose it gets so built up and the anticipation of something amazing ruins it a little.

What happened to Snow, i cant remember, was he killed in the battle of the bastards, although i don't remember him in it, was he killed before that? I want to say he was killed in Hardhome but i don't remember him being there either? Is he dead or gone walkabout?
# 1242 : Wednesday 26-7-2017 @ 09:21
I found Ed Sheeran's presence really jarring, singing a song and saying it's a new one, fucking ridiculous. Felt like an ad.
# 1243 : Wednesday 26-7-2017 @ 13:30
I liked the pacing / transitions of the latest episode. Well except for the cutaway from Ser Jorah's puss-filled skin to that pudding. But overall the shorter scenes with stuff actually happening was an improvement on the first episode.
# 1244 : Tuesday 22-8-2017 @ 02:28
HO... LY... SHIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last scene this week was one of those moments where you just get so pumped by the story, I though that had already "shot their wad" with the dragon getting killed, and Jon and Daenerys, and I was like "OK cool episode"

But the last scene, I was like, Oh God, oooooooh God... OOOOOOOHHHHH GOD the night king just made a fucking ZOMBIE DRAGON

# 1245 : Tuesday 22-8-2017 @ 17:34
I might get around to watching this someday, is it as good as say,Strange Things, which I haven't seen either.
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