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Game Of Thrones - G.R.R.Martin
# 1246 : Tuesday 22-8-2017 @ 18:32
Its way better than Strange things, it is the most epic tv programme ever
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# 1247 : Tuesday 22-8-2017 @ 23:29
But is it as epic as that bake off show "Game of Scones".?
# 1248 : Friday 25-8-2017 @ 03:14
Games of Moans
# 1249 : Monday 28-8-2017 @ 16:10
Epic ending!
# 1250 : Monday 28-8-2017 @ 16:39
Oh nasty, nasty Targaryens. The future king's gonna be a lil bit mad again!

Cool finish and nice talkie pieces. The Littlefinger stuff was too obvious. He deserved better.
# 1251 : Tuesday 29-8-2017 @ 18:57
It's just such a great show, what the hell is next season going to be like?!
# 1252 : Wednesday 30-8-2017 @ 21:36
So much has happened this season! I love all the action scenes but the talking bits in between are feeling a little flat for me. The dialogue doesn't have anything near the same panache or flair of the books. Littlefinger was turned into a wall-hugging panto villain - he should have been given more to do for goodness sake. Likewise Varys was seldom seen or heard.

Wasn't Diane Rigg's final scene a cracker? I wish they had shown more of the actual battles in that episode though.

It all seems to be moving too fast, Samwell and Ser Jorah could've used another few more episodes together. Plus all the characters moving about the map as if they have private jets - well Dany kinda does :-)

They are missing the GRRM touch for sure - thankfully though the action scenes are still jaw dropping. Drogan wiping out the Lannister forces was incredible stuff. Bronn was amazing in that episode. I could watch him and Jaime for another 20 episodes.

Despite my niggly complaints I still think the show-runners are doing a great job without the meaty source material of the books to work with. God knows how GRRM is going to get himself out of the corners he has written himself into with some of his characters.
# 1253 : Wednesday 30-8-2017 @ 21:44
Just to add I did like the dialogue scenes in the final episode. It was like an old episode from previous seasons.
# 1254 : Thursday 31-8-2017 @ 00:09
Yeah you can tell this season is the first "heavily TVified"

It;s not necessarily worse, but it is different, I think the increase of pace sense, I was losing the will to live follwing some of the storylines as they wander through wilderness talking rather then doing.

But now it's Like "Fuck this, when the fuck is winter gonna... OH FUCK THEY'RE COMING"
# 1255 : Thursday 31-8-2017 @ 00:55

It is a jarring change of pace. Just 5 or 6 more episodes left whenever it returns.
# 1256 : Thursday 31-8-2017 @ 01:39
Someone said :

It is a jarring change of pace. Just 5 or 6 more episodes left whenever it returns.

Ha was just gonna say jarring! I'm guessing it was budget related. Do another 10 or do 7 epics. The action has been amazing, but it make the whole a bit off.
# 1257 : Thursday 31-8-2017 @ 20:59
Someone said :
Ha was just gonna say jarring! I'm guessing it was budget related.

I was going to say narrative related., if we had to watch any more scenes of people taking entire seasons to get places, I would've have stuck my self Ruth a long sword.,
The art of the written word makes these journeys more epic and subtle, but Jesus the TV Show had Ayra wander around doing nothing for 3 ducking seasons Brandon basically seeing the same vision for three seasons Jaime, the hound, yet one from Tarth, Padric, Katlyn, Tyrion all filing "going places for episodes and episodes which was fine for the first few seasons when all these characters were getting through subtle and important exposition, it feels liked you've "walked it with them"

But enough is enough, we know them now, we know how they travel, we know why their travelling, there no need for us to see 'what's his face' or 'what's her face' spend 2 seasons worth of filming travelling from here to there., it's time for the story to start getting told. We know the pieces now, we've seen the opening game and mist of the middle game., it's time to see the end game.
# 1258 : Friday 1-9-2017 @ 05:16
I've read the books and watched the show. I don't overanalyze things. It is fantasy after all.
# 1259 : Monday 15-4-2019 @ 18:02
Who's excited for tonight's episode?
# 1260 : Monday 15-4-2019 @ 18:45
What do you make of the debate surrounding it's 'sexploitation' or 'sexposition'..?
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