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Game Of Thrones - G.R.R.Martin
# 1261 : Monday 15-4-2019 @ 22:55
@ OJ, I'm not too familiar with this debate you speak off but the sex scenes are certainly faithful to the original material.

I liked the pace of this first episode - it didn't feel nearly as rushed as most of the episodes in the previous season.

Great to see Yara Greyjoy is free again though I would've preferred a little more tension invested in her Great Escape.

As soon as Sansa got that message from the Glover Lord I knew he wasn't long for this world but what a gruesome ending.

Will be good to have Jaime back properly next episode.
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# 1262 : Wednesday 1-5-2019 @ 07:51
The latest episode was too dark. Couldn't really make out what was happening.
# 1263 : Wednesday 1-5-2019 @ 09:54
There were far too many quick cuts in the early battle scenes. Coupled with poor scene lighting it made it very hard to follow the action. Same for the dragon CGI. If that's the end of the Night King storyline then we've all been short-changed.
# 1264 : Wednesday 1-5-2019 @ 11:32
hes probably hiding out in brans mind and we’ll see flickers of blue in his eyes and he’ll be awakening dead and stuff ....or
It’s a family trait ( targs) and Jon is the new one
# 1265 : Wednesday 1-5-2019 @ 23:42
Was epic, but agree the editing made it hard to figure out what happenend and who is dead.
# 1266 : Tuesday 7-5-2019 @ 11:20
We can all see it coming a mile off but I still hope Dany doesn't totally lose her mind with all these bereavements.
# 1267 : Tuesday 7-5-2019 @ 12:12
Someone said :
We can all see it coming a mile off but I still hope Dany doesn't totally lose her mind with all these bereavements.

Should’ve been seeded better way earlier.
# 1268 : Tuesday 7-5-2019 @ 15:00
Yeah I hope she doesn't go crazy
# 1269 : Wednesday 8-5-2019 @ 19:35
hat's certainly the direction they're heading in.
# 1270 : Thursday 9-5-2019 @ 15:54
I hear that the scene with the Starbuck's cup has been deleted.
# 1271 : Thursday 9-5-2019 @ 17:21
Someone said :
Yeah I hope she doesn't go crazy

Cersei is the only crazy one. She’s not pregnant.
She will probably destroy Greyjoy as soon as Jamie is back or she will kill both of them, it wasn’t foretold that she would have 4 children so she might be on total destruction mode and don’t forget she can burn the city too!
# 1272 : Tuesday 21-5-2019 @ 23:28
# 1273 : Thursday 23-5-2019 @ 18:16
They destroyed it.

At least the last episode wasn't too bad.
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