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Couch Surfing
# 16 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 12:29
Someone said :
It's a great way to meet interesting new people. I just accepted a request from a couple from Canada. I'm gonna have to clean up the place, it's filthy but that's probably a good thing

Yeah they need a break away from home. etc ...
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# 17 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 12:29
I'm sure there are two sides to that story
# 18 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 14:26
WOW I think this is such a great idea..... Sounds like a great way to meet new people esp the likes of some people on here would be good as well for any of the meets that we have (if people can't come because of the distance they could sleep on someone's couch) then they have no excuse not to go to a meet! *all you guys with that excuse had better watch out or get a new excuse and fast!*
# 19 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 18:46
Have done it. Its a bit like holiday swap. Have look here. etc ...

Ps make sure you clean your couch well. And leave no used condoms, or dog/cat piss stains or hairs.
# 20 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 18:55
thanks for the helpful tip
# 21 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 19:25
What was it like having a couple stay Frodo?
# 22 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 19:26
it was fine, they were both friendly, polite and tidy. I'm only annoyed that they never left me feedback
# 23 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 19:28
Why not chase them up and ask them to leave a line or two. It's the least they could do.
# 24 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 19:29
I did but no joy. they went on an epic trip round the uk and ireland, so they stayed in loads of places. i'm guessing they couldn't be arsed leaving feedback for so many people
# 25 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 19:31
You should leave them bad feedback so.
# 26 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 19:32
i did
# 27 : Thursday 3-3-2011 @ 19:41
Someone said :
i did

Good. I hate people like that, even on sites like Ebay, who don't leave any feedback. It's bad manners.

I might do this when I'm away later this year! If I did have my own place I'd probably be ok with letting people stay but probably only people with good feedback.
# 28 : Wednesday 30-3-2011 @ 23:26
Yay! I'm having a couple of couch surfers staying over for the weekend, they seem nice. looking forward to it.
# 29 : Saturday 2-4-2011 @ 15:00
The couch surfers just left, they were a really nice young couple. They're travelling through Ireland hitchhiking, how cool!

It was nice having someone in the house for a change
# 30 : Saturday 2-4-2011 @ 15:03
Sounds good frodo!

Two of my mates in Cork do this reg. Theyv met some incredibly kind people and have many interesting stories to tell from it. Theres a regular cork meet up for those interested in couch surfing in cork too, ill pop up the details when I get them
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