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Resident Evil : 15 Years Of Survival Horror
# 61 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 12:16
Someone said :
Im not playing another Resi if Im forced to pawn shitty jewellery at some weird guy to get guns, I mean its not tomb raider, why is there sparkly crowns in industrial umbrella corp levels. Is there a zombie drag act I have not heard about.

The merchant is awesome! I won't hear any bad-mouthing about him. Anyway, he wasn't used in RE5. I did like the gun-upgrading mechanic in both 4 and 5. One thing I liked about RE5 was being able to replay stages too, and use the shop from outside the game itself (from the main menu or whatever).

Also, seriously, you like Code Veronica and have a problem with random treasures being strewn about Umbrella installations?
Someone said :
@ UPD, yeah it took 3 or 4 years to make with a couple of restarts for the team.

An interesting tidbit is that I think an early version of RE4 turned into the first Devil May Cry. There are some videos on youtube of other versions of it that included Leon, but in some sort of haunted house. It's a game with quite an interesting history.
Someone said :
The films are very poor, if they didn't have the Resident Evil name, I think they would have gone straight to dvd.

I actually like the first one. It's very cheesy and has little in common with Resident Evil, but it's pretty fun.
Someone said :
Think the last one I played was Resi 2 on the old Playstation.
Am I missing out here??

Definitely! RE4 is one of the best in the series, it's available on PS2, Gamecube and Wii (the Wii version is probably the best). And of course is being remade now for this 15th anniversary. I really liked RE5 a lot too, it's on PS3 and 360. The co-op is brilliant if you have someone to play it with, but even solo it's fine, you just need to make sure your partner doesn't die. Also, watch what guns you give her. She's lethal with a sniper rifle though.

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# 62 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 12:20
Someone said :
I really liked RE5 a lot too, it's on PS3 and 360. The co-op is brilliant if you have someone to play it with, but even solo it's fine, you just need to make sure your partner doesn't die. Also, watch what guns you give her. She's lethal with a sniper rifle though.

I think playing RE5 on my own is where I went wrong, I don't like having to have a partner when playing solo, if I played it in co-op I'd probably have enjoyed the game a lot more.
# 63 : Monday 2-5-2011 @ 21:51
I just put Resident Evil on I'm incredibly bored already and haven't a clue what's going on. I think I'm gonna watch something else
# 64 : Wednesday 31-8-2011 @ 20:07
The latest episode of the always excellent 8-4 podcast has a special discussion to mark the anniversary.

I'm saving it for my bus journey to Dublin later this week.
# 65 : Tuesday 20-9-2011 @ 19:44
Can't wait to play RE4 HD tomorrow.
# 66 : Thursday 22-9-2011 @ 14:06
# 67 : Saturday 1-10-2011 @ 20:13
Really enjoying Code Veronica. I'm near the second part (The Artic?) now so will save and go back to RE4.
# 68 : Saturday 1-10-2011 @ 22:26
Someone said :
So are you a fan of the series or the survival horror genre?

I used to enjoy Doom 3 and FEAR but some of the scenes in FEAR really freaked me out and both games gave me nightmares so I avoid the genre now. I'm more of a RTS kind of gamer now. I used to literally scream when something especially scary came up on screen. For example, in the game Soul Reaver 2 you have to swim through a lagoon where a giant squid lives. That certainly made me scream.
# 69 : Saturday 1-10-2011 @ 23:04
I've yelped a few times myself. Good thing I live alone. Well not so good if a game or movie is a tad too scary.

I could never get into RTS games. Seems like too much hard work.
# 70 : Saturday 1-10-2011 @ 23:58
Is Silent Hill Homecoming worth the effort? This might be the wrong thread for this question. But while I'm at it, is every Zelda game not almost exactly the same?!
# 71 : Sunday 2-10-2011 @ 14:18
I dunno - never got into that series. The wii game is supposed to be excellent - must look into it.

Yeah the Zeldas have gotten very samey - hopefully the new one bucks that trend.
# 72 : Wednesday 7-12-2011 @ 01:48
Started playing these again... one and two... why do I do this to myself....
# 73 : Friday 20-1-2012 @ 15:57
Resident Evil 6 has been announced for 20th of November this year. Looks like the game is a split between the old style survival horror of RE1-3 and the newer action horror of 4&5. The Leon parts of the trailer look amazing. I can put up with Chris's dudebro segments if the game is evenly split and they don't force AI co-op in single player.

Video Link :
# 74 : Friday 20-1-2012 @ 19:41
Ooops,jizzed a bit!

Kinda want to get my 3ds back to play revelations too,it`s getting very good reviews.
# 75 : Friday 20-1-2012 @ 19:51
I can't wait to play Revelations - gonna wait for the next 3DS model though.
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