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Seeking Some Advice On Designing My Feminine Side
# 1 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 12:28
Am just finishing up a long heterosexual relationship. I am however bi and what's more I have a past before all of that of dressing up as a girl. MY GF was never into it so it was something I oppressed. Now I plan on seeing if I can make a transition to a nice firm and smooth bit of trannying however I have wicked stubble - This is a problem that I am hoping someone can help me wit - the best way for getting rid of facial hair? and the best makeup to cover up anything that I fail to remove
2) a good way to remove all my body hair
3) any online clothes shops that are not too pricy
4) where can I get a decent not too pricey wig - I think I'll be a blonde
Any other advice would be also greatly appreciated
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# 2 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 12:39
electrolysis will help with the facial hair.the more you get it done,itll eventually stop it growing. hope that helps.
# 3 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 13:22

Look forward to seeing the final results Karla
# 4 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 15:54
Was hoping for more cheaper and less severe options than electrolysis though
# 5 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 15:56
Someone said :
Was hoping for more cheaper and less severe options than electrolysis though

Then veet and/or shaving.
Cheep wigs in jokeshops.
Cheep clothes in Pennys/dunnes
# 6 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 16:27
What about makeup, I'd surely need a strong makeup? And decent online clotheshops? Any help appreciated
# 7 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 16:32
Penneys is good for clothes and no one will bat an eye at you buying womens clothes there.
# 8 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 17:00
Someone said :
Was hoping for more cheaper and less severe options than electrolysis though

well,no pain,no gain. unfortunately,what youre looking for is going to cost you either way.
# 9 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 17:09
don't use any hair removal products that are not specifically designed for facial hair or you might end up burning your face off.

I think a close shave and make up should suffice. good luck!
# 10 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 17:49
Regarding shaving, try Satin care shave gel from Gillette. I find it to be a great product and leaves your legs and body feeling very smooth after shaving. As for clothes, try eBay, Pennys and Heatons. I buy almost all my wigs on eBay, you will find a hugh range of wigs there.
# 11 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 18:21
What about makeup ? Really like the way you do yours Belinda
# 12 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 19:52
Hi Zoe, welcome to Gaire.

Alot of the advice you got here is prity good.

Clothes wise, yep Heatons, Dunnes and Penny's all very cheap and handy where you are trying to work out your sizes. Ebay prity cool, but remember the US sizes are different sizes than Irish sizes, you will find a comparison chart on line by just googling it. Other online shops that do bigger sizes if you need them, particularly in shoes is Oxendales and Simply Be. (They do a wider shoe, which some guys need) they are a little bit more expensive as shops.

Wigs I can't help you on, I'm afraid but sounds like good advice here, mess around with a couple of styles and colours, cause sometimes, depending on your colouring, certain colours look completely off.

Hair removal, Electrolysis and laser technology are the only permanent, hair removal and you will need to go to a clinic for them. I was doing IPL (a form of Laser) and the beautician where really cool.
Others are Waxing, tweezers and shaving, hair removal cream is the same as shaving, (but never use them on your face as more than likely you will end up with a rash or a burn. A close shave should do the trick on your face anyway.

Make up, I've prity heavy stubble, I generally use a shade or two lighter cancealent (than your own complexion) on the dark bits, and then use a foundation the same colour as your complexion. Experiment with the other stuff, and if you do a search on youtube you can see videos in how to apply it.

I hope this is of help, Enjoy and have fun with it.
# 13 : Tuesday 29-3-2011 @ 21:25
Try Evans for shoes/boots, they do up size 10 and if the one in wexford is typical, they don't mind 'men' buying. Supposedly an outsize shop, but start at size 14. pennys are good, Dunnes sizes vary all over the place, tesco good for tights and hold-ups, shoes to size 8.
# 14 : Friday 1-4-2011 @ 21:14
Thanks everybody, very useful advice here. Have plenty now to work with
# 15 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 14:14
One further question, wax or shave ?
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