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Sex Toy(Dildo)
# 1 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 07:42
Ok...My wife has asked me to go and buy a dildo for us to play with ...she's never had one before and wont come in to a sex shop to pick one out with me and has left it to me to choose one, so i'm looking for some advice from you guys...big,small,fat,slim,vibrate or no,colour,ribbed??...personally i hav'nt a clue and am hoping through experience some of the women on here can help me to decide...or even some of the
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# 2 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 08:09
Well there is not much point buying one that has no vibe function.
Going by experience with partners over the years, the majority got most pleasure from a standard size textured vibe with a decent motor in it (one that looks like a real c**k).
Combined with a 'real feel' jelly dong, your wife could have lots of fun with a blindfold and an active imagination.
Strangely enough, the least popular with 3 of my last partners was the genuine Rabbit vibe.
So make sure you talk to her about it before shelling out nearly 100 quid (It's not like I could get a refund ).
# 3 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 08:21
Go into Ann Summers, the girls in there are very good and will show you which one's are best for a first timer.
# 4 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 08:34
Why don't you both look them up on the internet, she can pick one she likes and you can go and buy it?
# 5 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 08:52
Get a rampant rabbit if its for your wife.
# 6 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 08:54
If you do get careful with it
# 7 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 09:21
Now thats an attention grabbing headline
# 8 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 09:40
I want to know where it came from?
# 9 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 11:35
Someone said :
I want to know where it came from?

I bet it was a kitchen drawer.
# 10 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 12:21
Someone said :
I want to know where it came from?

oo ooo me too!

spill the beans ichi!
# 11 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 12:53
Look at his t-shirt - must've been a pretty casual wedding.
# 12 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 12:57
I assumed it was a photo from a stag night or would make more sense for a dildo to be at a stag night (belonging to a stripper) than at a wedding.
# 13 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 13:26
Oh god where can we find out "where it came from"???? the suspense is killing me.... Wonder who is taking bets??

# 14 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 13:34
Entertainment for Peter Rolih’s pre-wedding buck’s party was inspired by that famous scene of the woman expelling the ping pong balls in the comedy film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. But this time the projectiles were not little celluloid objects but something rather more solid. And when the scantily clad exotic dancer performed her party trick – shooting dildos at the guests from her private parts, best man Darwin architect Jure Skumavc, 31, found himself in the firing line. As the Rupert Murdoch ownedNorthern Territory News reports this morning, Mr Skumavc was injured by the bullet-shaped, pink, sex toy – measuring about 12cm in length.
# 15 : Tuesday 5-4-2011 @ 13:44
She's a class act!
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