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The Cycling Thread
# 1 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 16:02
I have taken back to this and I have to say I am loving it. Although the old adage "you never forget to ride a bike" is not true, you do, what you forget, or lose is the sense of balance you once had on a bike. Although I can still totter along without the stabilisers there are certain times with my knowledge of driving I realise the danger I maybe in. Those small roundabouts in estates take you suddenly out from the kerb or when making a right turn.

As a motorist the problem I always had with cyclists is you never know what they are going to do, so you just assume they will do the worst. I am an experienced motorist but the young lads are not so. So I use hand signals and wait till all is clear, let the cars own the road. Also be lit up wear the brightest things possible.

So any other observations of cycling or cycling issues post them here.
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# 2 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 18:13
I can never understand why Dynamo's are not a standard fit for a bike, so you can power indicators. If the Person is Cycling, put the dynamo on rear and front to power mini indicators/break light!
# 3 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 18:21
I thought about that too, there not really expensive and would really help with night time travelling. According to section 17 of the rules of the road you need on to be on the road anyways

# 4 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 18:27
They are very cheap and you get small indicators and break light off a small motorbike, it would be easy to wire and set up switches on a bike with parts off a small motorbike. Any handy Andy out there want to do that line of work, Van or Garden shed!
# 5 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 18:45
But it like riding a bike with the break permanently on, there is to much drag off them.
# 6 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 18:48
Someone said :
But it like riding a bike with the break permanently on, there is to much drag off them.

Put Muscles on your Legs, can it be done with Solar then?
# 7 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 18:54
Someone said :

Put Muscles on your Legs, can it be done with Solar then?

Not when you really need them
# 8 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 19:12
Can a cog be put on a Dynamo and it inserted on the line of the chain, same way the gears work? Either that or a re-chargable battery?
# 9 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 19:16
A plea to the, er, pudgier cyclists out there: Please don't wear lycra.
# 10 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 19:17
Mc Hammer Fans!
# 11 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 19:26
Someone said :
A plea to the, er, pudgier cyclists out there: Please don't wear lycra.

Good idea it would mean the buses would give me a much wider berth, but may cause an accident when they swerve to the wrong side of the road
# 12 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 22:42
I'm not sure if I'm in the right thread with this.

See I was never that keen on pounding out the miles cycling on the public road, playing with the traffic or anything.

But I totally love mountain biking and have been doing it for many years now. Whenever I'm around the city, if I can plan it right, at the end of the day I try to get an hour or three out in South Dublin on Three Rock Mountain (love that name), checking out the different trails through the woods. Scaring the living bejaysus out of myself on the fast downhill sections, my mind racing between, "I'm a millisecond away from serious injury here" to "I am invincible" and back again.

Then on the way home, reliving those brilliant (and scary) moments in my mind and then weighing up the "I should know better than to do these stupidly dangerous things on a bike any more", versus, "that was insanely brilliant, when will I do it again", thoughts.

But it's not all about breakneck downhill speed. Sometimes it's just about getting out into nature, I particularly love early morning, my senses assaulted with all the woodland sights, sounds and smells, just calm and peaceful like. I love this. The daily worries of the world can seem a million miles away just then. Pure bliss.

So any other "mountain goats" on Gaire?

# 13 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 22:44
Just Horny ones!
# 14 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 23:15
I've threatened to go mountain biking for ages but never done it. I'd say it'd be cool but given I'm a wuss running down hills I'm not sure how i'd be on two wheels!
# 15 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 23:21
I don't think I would be able for it as a kid we use to call it scrambling and many a time I was nearly killed.
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