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The Cycling Thread
# 16 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 23:27
When I first started mountain biking I thought, "what the hell am I doing up here" as I lined up to head down this fairly narrow, threatening, steep and rocky looking trail. But you just go at your own pace. It's not a race. So each little test, each little achievement as you build up your speed and confidence feels hugely rewarding. You don't have to be super fit or anything, just willing to try.
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# 17 : Tuesday 12-4-2011 @ 23:30
I can't afford a bike... really want one though... There is an smallish "girls" bike here that I once used to cycle from churchtown to nutgrove to terenure (and all around terenure) to Rathgar back to Supervalu churchtown again whilst absolutely smashed...
# 18 : Wednesday 13-4-2011 @ 00:34
I used to have a bike that I rode from Dollymount strand to doorways around Dublin,she rode me ragged and cost me a fortune in gin,still remember her with fondness though.
# 19 : Wednesday 13-4-2011 @ 23:43
I would like a bike alright but I find that having a car and a bike would be useless as I would be using my car more than the bike and after a year or two the bike would lose out to the car and I would have a rust bucket of a bike....
# 20 : Monday 2-5-2011 @ 23:09
I never learned to ride a bike as a child.Now as an adult I really do want to able to cycle.What advice would people give?
# 21 : Monday 2-5-2011 @ 23:10
Go and learn?
# 22 : Monday 2-5-2011 @ 23:12
remember it's just like sex,
take your time,
if you fall off,
you get right back on again.
wear a helmet.
# 23 : Monday 2-5-2011 @ 23:12
If it was easy that? I don't think it is that easy Frodo.
Would any bike do or would say like a mountain bike be easier to begin with?
# 24 : Monday 2-5-2011 @ 23:13
what do you wnat us to say? how a bike works? you know how it works, use your feet to work the pedals and off you go
# 25 : Monday 2-5-2011 @ 23:15
is there any place in town that rents bikes?
rent a basic one to learn on
then once you feel qualified
rent different types of bikes til you find one you like
# 26 : Monday 2-5-2011 @ 23:18
Someone said :
I never learned to ride a bike as a child.Now as an adult I really do want to able to cycle.What advice would people give?

You will be a bit wobbly just find an empty park or road, set the saddle low so both your feet touch the ground when yo stop and you will pick it up rapidly. It is just about getting confidence with the balance.

I think its great, I am surprised how much I am into it. I am cycling everywhere when I normally drive.
# 27 : Monday 2-5-2011 @ 23:23
If your concerned about your balance WUB you could try this test with someone.


Once you have the balance sorted then it's just a matter of practice. You could try stabilisers but apart from looking silly, falling off really does focus the mind far quicker
# 28 : Wednesday 4-5-2011 @ 12:27
My sister has asked me to go cycling with her around Phoenix Park next week...anybody got any good excuses as to how I can get out of it?
# 29 : Wednesday 4-5-2011 @ 12:28
tell her you never actually learned how to ride a bike. failing that,tell her you pulled a muscle in your leg or something.
# 30 : Wednesday 4-5-2011 @ 12:32
Someone said :
tell her you never actually learned how to ride a bike.

I doubt that one will work seeing as how we grew up together and she has seen me on a bike
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