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The Cycling Thread
# 91 : Sunday 16-6-2013 @ 13:20
I recently "acquired " a nice ladies mountain bike. It's a bit dusty and rusty but I love it so far.
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# 92 : Sunday 16-6-2013 @ 13:21
When you say acquired, do you mean "found in a ditch"?
# 93 : Sunday 16-6-2013 @ 13:23
Someone said :
When you say acquired, do you mean "found in a ditch"?

no "found in a shed"
# 94 : Tuesday 14-7-2015 @ 18:07
The only problem with cycling is... cyclist!
Most are less than respectful, and think they have priority over cars (which is mostly true) and pedestrians (which is mostly delusional).

I do not count the times I have nearly been ran over by pricks on wheels, when stepping out of bus. Just because they have a cycle lane does not mean they should not stop for pedestrians crossing it!

Germans and Dutch are so much more civilized...
# 95 : Tuesday 14-7-2015 @ 18:31
I'm a fairly recent convert to cycling. I've been in Frankfurt over 3 years and this is a great city for cycling, with plenty of dedicated cycle lanes and lights etc. I wasn't very keen on getting one because the last time I had cycled was when I was 17, a fair few years ago, and even then it was just on an empty field.

But a friend of mine gave a second hand bike back in November and being unemployed and unable to afford the monthly pass I wasn't gonna refuse such a generous offer.

So slowly but surely I learned to appreciate the beauty of being able to go nearly anywhere in this city by bike, often quicker than public transport, depending on your connections.

That first bike was unfortunately stolen by some degenerate streak of piss while I was away for Christmas, but the next week I bought a second hand bike for 40 euro in the Flea Market. It was a pretty cool, though well-battered bike.

Unfortunately the back wheel gave in and started to wobble, making cycling really hard, like as if I was kneed deep in mud. Rode it like that for a few weeks, it was incredibly frustrating and slow getting to school and back everyday.

When my friend (who'd given me my first bike) left Frankfurt he left me another second-hand one that I planned to get the back wheel from. But while trying to do it and utterly failing, as both bike were really staring to fall apart, I decided in the spur of the moment to march down to Aldi and buy the city bike they started selling that very day.

It was good value but not cheap, 250 Euro, but oh my Gods was it worth every cent! Now I feel like I'm riding a ferrari compared to the old ones!

It's got a few cool features like inbuilt dynamo, and very bright front light and a red one in the back. they stay on even when stopped, a great safety feature. It's also very solid, if a bit on the heavy side. But then I'm a big guy and need a strong bike.

My only complaint is that the mini-pump that came with it is literally useless, it lets the air out without pumping any in.

But overall, very happy with it.

I always bring my baby into my apartment, lest some greasy bike thief gets their hands on it.
# 96 : Sunday 1-11-2015 @ 14:14
I've costumised my bike a bit, got rid of thos ugly stickers and adding my own.

I also have an improvised sound system on the back, one rechargeable mono speaker and an iPod nano!
# 97 : Tuesday 17-9-2019 @ 19:53
After my bike having 2 slow punctures despite getting new tubes I brought it to a bike shop. It was lying for about 5 years in the spare bedroom

I cycled it home after they put two new tyres on it. It was deadly. I think I'll get back on the bike again. It's been too long.
# 98 : Tuesday 17-9-2019 @ 20:02
The roads are very dangerous. It's a nightmare for cyclists and then the car drivers are giving out about the cyclists and vice versa and it's just a bad state of affairs. I don't feel comfortable cycling on our roads.
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