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# 1 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:03
Do many people here use LinkedIn?

I set up an account last year after getting an invitation, but I haven't been able to figure it out or get a good feel for it. At times it's like a boring Facebook, but then I hear people raving about it, and I think I'm doing something wrong.

If you do use it, what do you use it for? Is it easy to use? And is it only really good for work and networking?
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# 2 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:05
Never heard of it
# 3 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:06
Good for work contacts and recommendations from them.
Not really for "friends".

I know a lot of people who got a job out of it, better than any online CV.
# 4 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:07
Someone said :
Never heard of it

Me neither.
Is this another social networking (crack addiction) site?
# 5 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:10
People in work use it, but I would agree, it's a boring facebook. Apparently it's like an online cv and reference in one.

CeeDee currenty works as a Moderator on Gaire
Previously he has been:
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You'd be head hunted in no time!
# 6 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:13
@ Gollum

Yes, I kinda got that feel from it, like it was a place to show off your CV, but very little personality. It seems to be very popular in some industries.
# 7 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:14
yea i have an account for about a year now buts it really just a work networking thing. i dont think its as popular here as in other countries. our parent company in denmark swear by it and have their linedin link on all their cvs as they have got recommendations that are posted on linked in.
# 8 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:19
I use it just to find out a little background information about someone when I'm meeting them in a work capacity for the first time, but I see little use for it other than that. It's fairly popular in my industry for sure.
# 9 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:20
Its a big deal in my industry, you really need to have one.
# 10 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:23
You see, this is where it's confused me. Some people have never heard of it, and others are shocked if you're not on it. Perhaps it depends on the type of industry you work in.

Can I ask, do you build up a network of "contacts/friends", and do you post status updates on your work? What is the attraction for logging on each day?
# 11 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:24
I have an account on it for work and its brilliant but its purely professional really - Good as an information tool and to gather information on companies etc...
# 12 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:24
I don't know anyone who uses it on a daily basis, but people do update career information on it, and some people use it to try and get jobs.
# 13 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:24
I use to buld up my contacts and if I had a job I would share my work. I also use it to find out about people who are interviewing me etc.
# 14 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:28
I am on right now working on my profile... not many people tend to have heard of it.
# 15 : Tuesday 19-4-2011 @ 22:33
ive never heard of it!! thats what i get for not having a job!
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