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# 61 : Thursday 6-3-2014 @ 17:32
Someone said :
No. He sent two more messages but I can't block him.

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# 62 : Friday 7-3-2014 @ 06:35
Someone said :
No. He sent two more messages but I can't block him.

Was he hot?
# 63 : Friday 7-3-2014 @ 09:28
Someone said :

Was it 19%

Hummp. I'm not a builder.
# 64 : Saturday 8-3-2014 @ 00:00
Someone said :

Was he hot?

In an old guy way.
# 65 : Wednesday 22-10-2014 @ 11:31
It is a little bit creepy when a bunch of people in the same company look at your Linkedin profile at the same time.
# 66 : Wednesday 19-8-2015 @ 13:05
There is this woman who was a cunt to me all last year, but this morning she sent me a linkedin request, I am sure it was one of those automated all of your contact things but shows that you really should check those before they go out.
# 67 : Thursday 20-8-2015 @ 04:11
Ery, you should accept the request and then leave her some honest feedback.

I am on Linkedin, it's interesting. So far haven't landed a job but that's alright, concentrating on my studies anyway.

Once I have one or two pieces of magic job-getting paper and my University and other diplomas officially translated and certified into the German system then the real job hunt begins.
# 68 : Friday 21-6-2019 @ 15:18
I just joined this morning.. Has anyone used the linked learning..? Is it worth bothering with..? Also, what's the etiqutte when it comes to contacts, is it OK to hit strangers up who may be beneficial to your career or should you only add people you already know or are invited by..?
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