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Retreat From Moscow - Shameless Self-promotion
# 1 : Monday 20-6-2011 @ 04:15
Hey, so basically I finished my first album today. It's pretty much folk with a bit of synth kind of affair. But a good part of it deals with being gay and the depression that I've suffered going through the motions. I am quite proud of this album and I didn't really know where else to turn to get it out there so I thought I'd hit up gaire.

It's taken 2 years to write and record all these songs. All of the recording and playing was done by me and mostly for me but if anyone likes and relates to the music, I would be thrilled.

I know it's utter self-promotion but themes I hope will gauge people's interests and I think that merits a thread for it. If you like it, don't hesitate to comment. I really appreciate any feedback.

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# 2 : Monday 20-6-2011 @ 04:52
which retreat would that be referring to?
# 3 : Monday 20-6-2011 @ 12:54
Impressive stuff,great voice too,very well done.
Eh,any idea how to burn it to disc,a thicko wants to know.
# 4 : Monday 20-6-2011 @ 13:04
The name stems from this particular Russian girl I thought I fancied all the while realising that I was actually gay. Bit of a cryprtic message but I like the name.

You can download the album from that site, all you need to do is drag and drop it into windows media player and then highlight all the tracks and right-click to turn it.
# 5 : Monday 20-6-2011 @ 13:18
I listened to 2 tracks. Liked them!

Will download later.
# 6 : Monday 20-6-2011 @ 21:41
Thanks for the likes you guys. So far it's had like 20 downloads which I am ecstatic about
# 7 : Monday 20-6-2011 @ 22:10
Ok, I randomly listened to Never 18 and Outside Colorado just now. I've heard enough to know that I'll be checking out the rest of the Album. My laptop speakers are not really good enough to do the music justice right now so I'll wait till I can listen to it on a proper sound system later in the week.

So far so good. Nice work
# 8 : Tuesday 21-6-2011 @ 03:09
Thanks a lot Rockout, you better listen to the rest of it! Seriously though, thanks for ever listening to those two songs. I just want people to enjoy something they may not hear everyday.
# 9 : Tuesday 21-6-2011 @ 04:13
I love synth pop. I must check this out tomorrow. Off to my leaba now.
# 10 : Tuesday 21-6-2011 @ 15:06
It's more synth-folky-pop, but you get the idea. Definitely check it out, I've become so obsessed with the bandcamp statistics, most interest is apparently coming from this thread. Which is awesome, damn my screwy friends.
# 11 : Wednesday 22-6-2011 @ 17:14
A final bump for good-luck. I'll let it die after this :P
# 12 : Wednesday 22-6-2011 @ 17:55
I like your song openings a lot, I like the album, its playing now, its good listening.

Good stuff.
# 13 : Wednesday 22-6-2011 @ 19:58
Thanks buddy, I'm thrilled that I've been getting such a great response. Proud gaireans, you've made my week and made this experience worthwhile and I thank you all.
# 14 : Wednesday 22-6-2011 @ 20:03
Can you post some pics?

I need a face for the voice
# 15 : Wednesday 22-6-2011 @ 21:19
Someone said :
Can you post some pics?

I need a face for the voice

Find pics of him yourself. I did!

Use your noggin.
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