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Amy Winehouse Dead
# 106 : Sunday 24-7-2011 @ 20:22
No wonder I thought she seemed so happy
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# 107 : Sunday 24-7-2011 @ 20:29
Her last tweet on Friday...


oinka oikna oinka why you awake

# 108 : Sunday 24-7-2011 @ 20:51
Amy the animal-lover.

She was a funny girl too. I love the way she used to bring tea down to the paps outside the door.
# 109 : Sunday 24-7-2011 @ 20:59
Jokes have started pouring.
Bad taste jokes, necessarily bad, because there can only be bad taste in jokes about someone recently deceased.
I do not see how decent people can find someone's sickness, misery and downfall funny.
# 110 : Sunday 24-7-2011 @ 21:26
Someone said :

Carcass? She's not a slaughtered bullock.


Well, I don't see how anyone is surprised. I expected this sooner rather than later.

Very sad. Boy, did she live her music.

Cheesus Perfecked obviously not, I chose the word to highlight how the individual I was referring to was in my opinion exploiting her death for the sake of his own image.
# 111 : Sunday 24-7-2011 @ 21:27
meh. It was someone's 'post of the week'.


Post-mortem is tomorrow. Dr Marie Cassidy says she puts on the radio or music when she works. I think it would be a too weird to hear Amy's music when conducting her autopsy.

# 112 : Sunday 24-7-2011 @ 21:38
Someone said :
meh. It was someone's 'post of the week'.


Post-mortem is tomorrow. Dr Marie Cassidy says she puts on the radio or music when she works. I think it would be a too weird to hear Amy's music when conducting her autopsy.

Whats the meh for?

That would be hideous... not that I would find conducting an autopsy anything other than hideous in general but that brings it to an entirely different level.
# 113 : Sunday 24-7-2011 @ 21:45

I always liked her but I never would have got an album, now I am really discovering her in her death.

Great lyrics above.

Back to black
# 114 : Sunday 24-7-2011 @ 21:55
PerezHilton, as reliable as he is , is saying that she may have died from a seizure and that a friend is reported as saying she was off drugs the last while but still drinking heavily.

Take it with a pinch of salt.
# 115 : Sunday 24-7-2011 @ 21:59
The media can say anything about her now. You can't defame the dead.

There are reports that she bought ecstasy, coke and ketamine the night before.
# 116 : Monday 25-7-2011 @ 00:14
TRAGIC Amy Winehouse may have been dead for up to six hours before her body was discovered lying in bed, cops fear.

The star, 27, last spoke to her security team at 10am on Saturday. She was found at home in Camden, North London, at 4pm. Medics said she'd been dead several hours. Police sources reported no sign of drugs at the house. Amy had seen her doctor on Friday night.

Amy's doctor examined her the evening before her death - and gave her the all clear.

The singer was having regular check-ups because her drink and drug battles had left her so frail.

A source said: "The doctor was happy with her condition. When he left on Friday night he had no concerns. Less than 24 hours later she was found dead.

"Amy's health has been very fragile and she has been having a series of check-ups."

Her cause of death is unlikely to be known until the police get the results of toxicology tests. That could take weeks.

But Amy's family last night said reports she had bought cocaine, ketamine and ecstasy hours before she died were "nonsense".

They added in a statement: "Our family has been left bereft by the loss of Amy, a wonderful daughter, sister, niece."

Police sources confirmed there were no signs of drugs in her three-storey house.

Amy was found dead in bed at her £2million home by her security guard Andrew Morris just before 4pm on Saturday.

Her friend and PR man Chris Goodman said: "Amy was on her own at home apart from a security guard who we had appointed to help look after her over the past couple of years.

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3712278/Amy-lay-dead-fo etc ...
# 117 : Monday 25-7-2011 @ 00:19
That is horrible... I don't want to die alone and I mean that in the immediate sense like. Ugh.
# 118 : Monday 25-7-2011 @ 00:19
everyone dies alone
# 119 : Monday 25-7-2011 @ 00:20
Someone said :
everyone dies alone

No they don't.
# 120 : Monday 25-7-2011 @ 00:23
metaphorically they do
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