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Male Escourting!!how To Get Into It
# 16 : Tuesday 2-3-2004 @ 19:44
please anyone know how to get into escorting??this is not about spelling!!!
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# 17 : Tuesday 2-3-2004 @ 19:48
Do a google search
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# 18 : Tuesday 2-3-2004 @ 20:04
dazza in your profile says you are looking for sex with women. Do you really belive that there are any women in Dublin that are willing to pay for sex? when they could just go to a pub and pick up a host of guys?

It's the laws of supply and demand you wouldn't have much bisness
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# 19 : Tuesday 2-3-2004 @ 20:09

Oh, you are talking about str8 male escorting, Dazza?

Presumed it was the male2male business you were looking for.

Like Rubberby, i would imagine heterosexual male escorts would face rather small demand.
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# 20 : Wednesday 3-3-2004 @ 00:41
i suppose it is limited but im sure some people have to make money off it..the st8 escort scene in london is huge so i just presumed that there is one here too!!
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# 21 : Wednesday 3-3-2004 @ 10:21
Do a google search "Irish male escorts" and you'll find tons of Irish sites with listings. Also try advertising in Buy and Sell. If you word it right you can get by their strict policies regarding escorts.
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# 22 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 11:27
where did he go...is he out in the wilds now getting loadsa money and sex...
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# 23 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 11:42
Ah the glamourus lifestlye of a male escort! Wake up in the morning in your "plush fancy" apartment, but on your "designer" clothes, check your messages to see if any "hot" studs/woman called, eat a "fancy" breakfast of cornflakes and tea, go for a shower and try and cover up the brusies over your eyes and face from the person u were with the night before and explain to people the reason why u is walkin funny is cause you have a bad case of saddle sore!
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# 24 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 11:46
Did anyone see the documentary on C4 recently about the worlds most famous Madam? It was very interesting. She ended up in prison, and her family disowned her. She made a good deal of money though..
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# 25 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 11:48
Wonder if there are any applications available in Dazza's escort service! I'd be excellent!!
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# 26 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 11:52
Marcel....was that the notorious Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss? Apparently, the woman has a "little black book" where she has the names of loads of famous stars and actors who used the "services" of her call girls.

She hade an absolute fortune but has said that she will not reveal the names in the book or else her life would be in danger, as the stakes are so high and reputations are fragile.

What wver happened to Dazaa? He was a pretty fit looking young man. I wonder did his gigolo service get up and running? I'd ay there would be a certain type of wealthy older lady who would be quite prepared to pay for his services.

I've heard the most "straight" male escorts are bisexual in terms of their clients to ensure a steady supply of business.
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# 27 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 11:53
Dazza last logged in on MArch 1st. Hopefully he will log on and tell us all about his life as a gigilo.
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# 28 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 11:54
Yeah, Marcel, I saw that C4 show and I thought that it was well done. Lotsa money, but not much else going on in her life.
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# 29 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 11:55
Dang it JK, don't expose the secret side to 'straight' escorts!
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# 30 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 11:58
@ JK, no this docu was about Margaret McDonald from Windsor.. She worked mainly in Paris. Facinating story.
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