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Male Escourting!!how To Get Into It
# 31 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 12:02
@ Catz, yeah she was a pretty sad character under the facade. Her relationship with family seemed to affect her deeply.
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# 32 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 12:03
Hey Cutie - maybe you should mail Dazza under the pretence that you're looking for a male escort - and then report back to us how his career is going!!!

I've no doubt you'd be up for it (in the name of research of course)
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# 33 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 12:06
Tuesday: Woke up in my plush penthouse pad in Park Lane, Ballsbridge round about 9.30am. Off to TriBeCa in Ranelagh for an early lunch. Get a call for Lady M - she wants me at her residence in Foxrock for 5.30. She's bored senseless again and getting a little down at the prospect of turning 60. Hubby is off in Frankfurt on business at present. Must remember to bring the inverted leather studded harness and bridle this time.

Wednesday....all covered in bruises from the last evening but the money is always good. In the shower, a call comes in but I let it go to the answering maching. It's Lady D again, She says she needs me badly as she's consumed by passion can I make her place in Wicklow for 7? Sure I can....she tips handsomely but I'm getting a bit tired of the car mechanic uniform she likes me to wear and does her hubby have to join in again this time?

Thursday, Lady B calls....am I willing to dress up as a scout again and get spanked for not doing my "bob-a-job" correctly? Sigh! I suppose so .....(she can be a bit mean with the dosh though but I've no-one else booked for today)

Oh, the trials of being a male escort......
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# 34 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 20:33
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# 35 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 20:44
Thanks Wheelie.....I'm chuffed that somebody got round to reading it at last!!
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# 36 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 20:48
That last post was actually none other than I. I forgot to login as I'm killing a few mins in an internet cafe.
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# 37 : Thursday 3-3-2005 @ 23:55
i serviced most of the hollywood actors during my career as an escort,some were just so wierd,fantasty fantasty fantasty,a lot of them were just barking.
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# 38 : Sunday 6-3-2005 @ 07:07
fuck it I cant spell proper and never went to college
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# 39 : Sunday 6-3-2005 @ 10:58
Then you should feel right at home here Travellerdub
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# 40 : Tuesday 8-3-2005 @ 16:18
why would anyone want to get into that unless they had a heroin habit
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# 41 : Tuesday 8-3-2005 @ 16:19
erm, ill have 2 trys...
1. sex
2. money
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# 42 : Tuesday 8-3-2005 @ 16:24
yeah but you have to go to bed with some fat aul fella and tell him hes great. who would want sex with something like that
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# 43 : Tuesday 8-3-2005 @ 16:26
he's actually looking for fat auld ones!!!
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# 44 : Tuesday 8-3-2005 @ 16:26
actually i dont think you have to do anything you dont want to do, people have a choice you know? and there are a lot of guys out there that find larger people extreamly sexy, your a bit shallow and ignorant arnt you!
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# 45 : Tuesday 8-3-2005 @ 16:28
your a bit shallow and ignorant arnt you!

hes 19
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