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Male Escourting!!how To Get Into It
# 61 : Sunday 22-10-2006 @ 11:07
no solisating on gaire.
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# 62 : Sunday 22-10-2006 @ 11:10
What is it with all the ads on gaire today. Other members have gotten banned for lesser offences.
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# 63 : Sunday 22-10-2006 @ 11:12
Interesting topic. I saw this dvd a while back about this very thing in Prague. Lots of the guys were str8 and it was the only way they could make money cos they couldnt find work. I found it a bit sad but it was interesting at the same time. Dont think Id ever do it though... I prefer sex to be something special you share with someone u have feelings for... introduce money, omit the feelings, i think it would become an exexercise and having sex with a partner would'nt be the same after.

but each to their own i guess. apparently, there are bars and clubs here where you can pick up a rent boy... so its everywhere.
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# 64 : Sunday 22-10-2006 @ 19:27
i know a few of the rent boys in prague and they are all straight....they make good money but mostly gamble it or feed a drug habit...they clients are often very generous to them especially the od wealthy ones who arrive from germany /uk/usa not to mention ireland and in some cases they pay for apartments and look after these lads so they can have them on demnd weh they are in prague on ahem business....usualy they can only make a living until the early 2os as the clitns almost always want younger ( lates teens /early 20s rentboys and there always a steady new supply to meet demand.....viagra has been a great help to these lads too who as i said are all str8 but pretend to be gay for the clients.what a crazy world we live in sometimes..
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