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Label Menus With Calorie Count
# 1 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 15:31
Should we follow suit with the UK and Label all Menus with a Calorie Count?

FAST food giant McDonalds has made a move to replace all its menu boards after the government called for clarity over the nutritional value of its meals.

http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/269578/McDonalds-labels-menus etc ...

I think it would be a good Idea as most restaurants you go to anywhere in Ireland you don't know exactly how much calorie's you are eating in any given meal, if it was on the menu it might make peoples decision a lot easier as to what to eat and what not to eat.
Especially if you are on a calorie controlled diet.

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# 2 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 15:35
I think it would be a step in the right direction
# 3 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 15:38
At least it will give people, a more informed choice as to what their intake is every day, at the moment people are just hazarding a guess as to how much their intake is a day (I don't know how accurate or not they might be)

Also it could be good as well to help people who are obese in making their decision of what to eat as well.
# 4 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 15:49
thats the hope anyways
# 5 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 15:58
I think it's ridiculous and feeding to a paranoia of obesity that for the most part doesn't exist. Last thing I want when I'm out at a meal is someone grumbling that the apple pie will send them over their self imposed daily limit.
# 6 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 16:02

Someone should tell them a convenient way of calorie counting it to look up and see is they can find "McDonalds" or "burger king" etc written anywhere.
# 7 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 17:33
I'd really appreciate it. They have the calorie count of drinks up in some of the Starbucks in the UK. I noticed it in Glasgow and I really didn't realise how calorie dense it was given I was only drinking blended ice, soya milk and syrup. It stopped me ordering a third anyway.
# 8 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 17:35
Starbucks have all there calories on their website .. Ive the Pdf somewhere if u want it
# 9 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 17:42
Someone said :
Starbucks have all there calories on their website .. Ive the Pdf somewhere if u want it

Yeah, send it to me when you find it
# 10 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 17:49
With printed ingredients on most/all foods and knowing that I'm eating and drink all kinds of chemical junk it still doesn't stop or dissuade me from consuming some of this this dreadful stuff.

I don't think having a calorie count figure beside every item on a menu would make any difference as to what I would choose to eat either, however I see no harm in being informed.
# 11 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 17:49
# 12 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 17:54
Is there a calorie count on that pdf?
# 13 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 18:01
I ate in that new Mexican place on Baggot st last week.
They have listed the approximate calories for each item. Though it was pretty vague i.e between 350-650, depending on which extras you got.
Eating out is mostly a treat for me these days so I would normally order what I want and not give much thought about the calories. I guess it's no harm knowing though.
# 14 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 18:02
I can honestly say I have no idea what calorie is in what and hopefully never will. I think calories are made up to make people buy more stuff.
# 15 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 18:28
It's a very good idea.
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