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Label Menus With Calorie Count
# 16 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 18:30
Someone said :
I can honestly say I have no idea what calorie is in what and hopefully never will. I think calories are made up to make people buy more stuff.

I didn't do chemistry but I think a calorie is the amount of energy needed to heat water up one degree.
Though I assume your question was purely hypothetical .

I think it's a good enough idea. Might put some people off their snack boxes when they realise it's about 80% of their daily intake of food used up.
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# 17 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 19:01
Its a good move - particularly for people who eat there a lot who may not realise that they are pretty much "good for the day" after their Large Big Mac Meal plus Vanilla Milkshake.
# 18 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 19:33
I don't know. I think calories are a bit of a BS measure anyway. 200 calories worth of donuts ain't the same as 200 cals of turkey breast.

I think if you are basing your eating choices off calorie counts alone, you don't really have much of an idea of proper nutrition.

I think you should be able to tel from the description in a menu whether a meal is healthy or not.
# 19 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 19:34
I was just looking at an article which gives the calorie contents of a couple of McDonald's items. A medium milkshake has 420 calories and I know a lot of people seem to forget that drinks count towards calorie totals too.

TGIF's salads seem to have anywhere from 590 to 1800 calories in them. Given that people order this as the "healthy" option, that is awful.That could just be in America but it's still awful.
# 20 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 19:38
I think it is ridiculous. It only feeds the insane idea that a healthy diet can be measured in terms of calories rather than nutrition and balance. It behoves an adult to learn how to eat healthy food for themselves, rather than causing small businesses (like local restaurants) the extra expense of labelling calories for them.

I'd much rather see mandatory labels and warnings for genetically-modified foods and for artificial chemicals.
# 21 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 19:51
I eat an exorbitant amount of sweets and cakes, I have chocolate with every meal, yet herself doesn't eat all that crap but eats the healthy stuff I eat too, we'd both exercise about the same, yet I'm a skinny bitch and she's a healthy rubenesque shape. Calories/Energy bla bla.. genetics has far more to play in it than not having the second slice of pie.
If I counted calories like she should, then I'd be dead.
# 22 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 19:58
It sounds horrendous, I don't think I could listen to someone adding up calories if I was out dining with them. Plus, PLUS, skimping on proper food so they could have a heart-stopping 8000 calorie Mocha-Frappa-Latta-Choco-Chino from Starfcuks on the way home...I'm afraid I'd have to kill them.
# 23 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 20:00
Me too CZ... Me too.
# 24 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 20:10
My upstairs neighbour has been using an app on his iPhone that counts calories. He's been very good about tracking all he eats etc. He also started back at the gym, 3 times a week.
He's lost over 40 lbs. since the first of the year and looks great!
He's in much better shape than I am, and he turns 70 next month!
# 25 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 20:17
I think I am using the same app he has, it's great but I use it to make sure I am not overeating, I still by and large pick foods during the week anyway that are nutrionally better for me.
# 26 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 20:19
If you like it you'll eat it - plus they don't give the sugar and salt content which is probably more dangerous
# 27 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 20:29
We are living in a Nanny state.
The next move will require diners to read said information and put their signature to it before ordering.
Next we will have a lawsuit by some idiot because the menu was misleading and he put on some weight......

# 28 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 21:06
If it Tastes Good, it Must be Bad for You

(& vice versa)
# 29 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 21:14
Someone said :
If it Tastes Good, it Must be Bad for You

(& vice versa)

Yum yum
# 30 : Wednesday 7-9-2011 @ 21:21
Its like everything else in life it's for some people but not for others.
Some people who are health conscious would welcome this move and even go as far as to say they want more information on the food that they are eating.
For me I'd like to know how much on average I am eating in these places as then I can make a decision as to weather or not I want to eat their food simple as.

I just think it would be a great Idea as if people see how much it would take percentage wise of their daily intake of calories I'm sure people will think twice about having a second McDonald's that day!
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