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Fuel Allowance Being Cut For Pensioners This Week.
# 46 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 13:26
That post was obvious sarcasm by Butters.
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# 47 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 13:26
Butters was joking. You might need to be around here a while to get that!
# 48 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 13:26
Butters was being sarcastic.
# 49 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 13:27
*snap* *snap* *snap*
# 50 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 13:30
Butters was joking, relax!
# 51 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 13:35
5 minutes later. Thanks Frodo
# 52 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 13:36
Gimme a break! I ahdn't refreshed or seen your posts
# 53 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 13:48
Not to incur the wrath of mad max or anybody else with a mortgage but if you took out a mortgage and now you are struggling to meet your payments it is as much your fault as anybody else's. Not saying I'm unsympathetic but Irish people were/are obsessed with buying a house. Loads of people who shouldn't have bought a house, did. That includes my sister. If I was a few years older it would probably be me too.

Nobody forced anybody to buy. You take on a mortgage you commit to bring able to pay it back. People rushed in to 'get on the ladder' and bought over inflated houses. The banks have a lot to answer got but they never made anybody buy.

If anybody should be outraged it's the generation coming up who are going to be paying to recapitalize banks for years to come to make up for losses made on over inflated houses and defaulted mortgages. Debt forgiveness sounds great and all but somebody will have to pay for it - and that will probably be the people who never got a mortgage on the first place.
# 54 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 13:56
@ Madmax - I think you said that you and your child are renting you place at the moment? It seems like it's not suitable for your needs at all.

Would you consider moving? Have you explored your entitlement to go on the housing list? Even if that isn't promising there should be better accommodation available to you. There's a huge surplus of rental accommodation at the moment and rents have fallen. Good luck anyway, I hope your situation improves.
# 55 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 13:58
Someone said :
Nobody forced anybody to buy. You take on a mortgage you commit to bring able to pay it back.

He didn't - he's renting .
# 56 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 14:17
I wasn't referring to anybody specific.
# 57 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 15:15
The short term answer is to rent somewhere cheaper. I find it strange that a person would rent a house that has damp so bad that you can 'poke a finger' through the wall??
Have you approached the landlord about this?
# 58 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 17:04
Cheezypuf; I saved up 45.000 capital and then got a morgage to built a bungalow 5 years ago before my boy was born. My partner died last year and the payments got hard to handle. It didnt take long for the bank to get on my case and i was forced out by the bank. Im now renting Just up the road from my house that is boarded up. Ive been through the system and still lost the house and the sick part of it all is the bank is still after 55,000 to clear the intrest. they have the site i baught myself, the house i got the morgage for, my capital and still they want more?? Even my solicitor is dumbfounded on how gready they are. Piler bank my arse.

Superfour; It was this house or a caravan at the time and i didnt know the house was so bad as it had been repainted. Only when the duct tape and newpaper started to fall out of the wall it became clear i was in a barn.Landlord doesnt give a shit and there isnt anywhere else around here that excepts rent allowance so every cut thit is made doesnt help the situation. I not trying to pick fights with anyone here or be blabbing about my own problems but the simple truth of the matter is theres so many people in the same position now and its being swept under the rug.

flogg; I agree with you that every tom, dick and harry could get a loan even without any capital to put against it. I know lots of them myself but not everyone ran into it with there eyes closed. lots of people have lost everything they had saved in order to build a home. I wouldnt be for dept forgiveness either as it is just pushing the bill onto the tax payer and the next generation have anough as it is to pay off for saving the corrupt banks that ive alway believed should of been aloud to collapse and the country wouldnt be as deep in the hole.
# 59 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 17:10
I'm not familiar with the specific requirements but I do believe there are minimum standards for rented accommodation that a landlord must meet. If your place is that bad, it might be worth looking into.

And I wasn't trying to be critical or unsympathetic of anybody's position. As I said, I likely would have rushed in and did the same if I was 5 years older.

I plan on renting for a long long time now though.
# 60 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 17:21
@ Madmax that situation sounds terrible. I read that you have a solicitor, and I presume you've sought the help of MABS too? If not they can help mediate between you and your bank.

If you're not working I presume you have family ties to the area? You should really consider moving further afield if there is no better rental accomodation in the immediate area.
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