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Fuel Allowance Being Cut For Pensioners This Week.
# 61 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 17:38
Thanks for that. I had looked into it before but its not really inforced and if a inspecter does want to see a property he must arrange a date with the landlord which allows the landlord time to patch up and hide problems. The inspector then comes has a look and surpise surprise the house passes. Ive even heard of houses that were given the ok over the phone without it ever been seen. Isnt it great how the country works.

About 20 years ago when things were not as bad. i was only five or six i remember my grandad complaining over having to pay some new tax. I dont know what it was but i remember him shouting out from the outhouse at my father. If they get there way they will eventually even tax us on our shit. They didnt do it during the 80's but it looks like its comming this time around for everyone with a septic tank. At the time the granddads outhouse was only a movable little shed in the field behind his house over a big hole and when it was full it was filled with clay and a new hole was dug. No one could amagine living like that now but he was right about the tax.
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# 62 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 17:46
Money Advice and Budgeting Service. been through that. Ild swear the bank is paying there wages. lol
# 63 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 17:49
Only one avenue left so. Joe Duffy!
# 64 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 17:57
Someone said :
Only one avenue left so. Joe Duffy!

I know he's a wealthy man, but I can't see him buying max a new house.
# 65 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 18:14
Lol. no thanks. Hes great and all and i always listen to him but i dont nead simpathy from the whole country. Even ye know more than any of my family does and ild rather it stay that way. I only came on this to say i dont agree with the cuts as i know old couples in very old houses dependent on the allowance and got thick after reading some posts making out the cuts are acceptable and people on benifits are get to much. sorry to anyone on this i abused and was at. except butters; fuck you butters. that msg made me
again sorry to everyone else.
# 66 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 18:17
If you keep telling members to fuck off you will be banned.
Butters comment was sarcastic. While i understand you dont know Butters and his posting style your response is not acceptable.
Please tone it down.
# 67 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 18:26
Oh im finished anyway but i couldnt finish without putting a eric cartman ending to it. If he like south park he'll get it
# 68 : Wednesday 14-9-2011 @ 19:00
How much does your internet subscription cost. Could that go towards fuel?
# 69 : Thursday 29-9-2011 @ 21:20
Haven't seen or heard much people complaining about the Smog being cut since the fuel allowance kicked in this week.

Even that itself is a saving for the Dept / Govt.
# 70 : Friday 30-9-2011 @ 08:22
I havent seen smog in Dublin in years Shaggy
# 71 : Friday 30-9-2011 @ 08:44
Someone said :
I havent seen smog in Dublin in years Shaggy

Blame Mary Harney
# 72 : Friday 30-9-2011 @ 09:32
@Madmax. If your old house is boarded up just up the road from you I'd move back in there. And fire your solicitor.
# 73 : Sunday 28-10-2012 @ 06:49
Discovered that shredded paper is great stuff for lighting a solid fuel fire with.
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