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Would You Share A Bottle With Someone
# 1 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 16:39
Someone asks you for a sip from your water, does it depend on who they are as to whether you'd let them or even if you'd take a drink from it again yourself.
What are the criteria under which you would let someone drink from your bottle of water?
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# 2 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 16:40
I gotta know em fairly well and they can't have cold sores
# 3 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 16:43
I would warn them the chances of turning gay are high!
# 4 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 16:59
In the Gambia, people who shared bottles poured the liquids into their mouths from an inch above. They did not dare touch the bottle with their lips. Here in europe, people drink, lips touching bottles.

Me? Share my drink? Erm... If I wasn't going to drink any more from the bottle, sure.
# 5 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:09
Never. So unhygienic. Ewwwwww!
# 6 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:11
Depends. If I was dying of thirst, then I wouldn't care who gave me water from their bottle. If it was booze - perhaps.

The way they share in the Gambia seems like a good idea.
# 7 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:14
No chance (except my girlfriend).
# 8 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:28
I used to be amused when I would offer someone who I had just spent the night with, the use of my toothbrush. They'd be shocked!
"I couldn't do that! So unhygienic !"
I'd scratch my head and say, "you just spent half the night with my cock in your mouth, and that was fine, but you won't use my toothbrush?"

Of course these days I now keep a supply of brand new, spare toothbrushes in the press.
# 9 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:29
Go on ye slutcha
# 10 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:43
So long as they dont take a big gulp and let half it back into the bottle...
I read somewhere that shaking hands spreads more germs, but its the idea of someones saliva that puts me off, although mostly im not too bothered.
I remember having friends furiously wipe the top of the bottle/can when they were offered a swig, i though that was just as fucking nasty, just rub your crap all over the bottle why dont you!
# 11 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:47
I love my sister but she is a backwasher!
# 12 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:51
Unless they are pretty manky looking and obviously disease riddled it wouldn't bother me.

Some people aren't as fussy about who they'll share water with than who they'll kiss!

The whole obsession with germs and hygiene is taken too far these days - I remember seeing a report not too long ago linking the increase in asthma to not letting kids play in the dirt anymore. We needed to be exposed to germs in order to build up a strong immune system.
# 13 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:56
Someone said :

Some people thug ate fissure

# 14 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:57
I'd spit in it and then offer it. If they can handle that, I can handle their backwash!
# 15 : Friday 16-9-2011 @ 17:57
Someone said :


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