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How Do You Listen To Music?
# 1 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:12
I love my music. Love having a big CD collection and if they would still be widely available I'd probably have vinyls instead. (Though I do have a few and a good record player). of course I also download stuff (all legal) and listen to music on my Mac or iPod.

How do you listen to music? Do you just have the radio on and listen to whatever they play? Do you just listen to it on YouTube? Do you download it and do you pay for it if so? Are you constantly looking for new music or do you still listen to the same bands from when you were a teenager?
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# 2 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:19
Bit of both really.

I went through heavy metal/punk etc when I was a teen. Then moved onto dance music in the early 90's. There's very little I'll listen to from back then though. Mainly the punk stuff as that seems to keep more relevant compared to the metal stuff.

In recent years it's been more trad/folk music that I like. Dabbling in classical too.

Every now and again it's nice to have a listen to something for old times sake though.
# 3 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:21
I went through a bit of a dance music phase too, especially hard techno.

I notice I tend to grab a particular album and listen to it repeatedly over a few days and then move on to another one
# 4 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:27
I do prefer to have all my favorite music on cd. I have a modest cd collection for someone who has been into it for over 24 years. I have also started buying vinyl a bit more - mostly second hand stuff I find in town. I download a bit too and listen to youtube quite a bit.

I dont go anywhere without my mp3 player. I never listen to the radio. I find out about new music from the internet, from friends or reading about it. I do listen to new bands but not as much as I used to. I went through a few years without keeping up with what was happening but I'm getting back into it now.

Since I started making my own stuff I've been listening to a lot more electronic music - stuff I found dull before has now taken on new dimensions as I try to figure out how artists achieved what they did.

I do like to dabble in most modern genres of music but I have a hard time getting into the likes of The Script or Maroon 5.

I still listen to the stuff I listened to as a teenager - mainly Pet Shop Boys, Erasure... I've never grown out of a band that I liked. I never went through a metal or rock phase where I'd disregard everything else.
# 5 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:27
Mostly listen to music on the radio, have tons of CD's stored away and cant be arsed to unpack them. Gave away my much loved ProAc speakers to a friend who'll put them to better use than me - if I do root out a CD I play it on the laptop as the sound from the woofer and satalite speakers is quite good
# 6 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:29

On the X-Factor...
# 7 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:31
When I was 15 I discovered this hard core punk band and instantly stopped listening to anything else. Went off metal and even sold nearly all my metal records. It was mad. Still love them to this day but now I listen to plenty of other stuff as well.

# 8 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:32
I've heard many a story where people move from one genre to another and stop listening to what they liked when they were younger but somehow it has never happened to me.
# 9 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:33
For me it was pretty extreme, I played that record and after it I never listened to the other stuff for years!
# 10 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:36
Oh, I can go headlong into genres and go through phases of buying certain stuff but after a few days I'll go back to other stuff. My latest phase was digging up lots of acid house from Chicago made in the mid-80s.
# 11 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:46
I love new music, I find I fall in love with it, my listening style is I will listen to what I know and enjoy, I accidently like albums of certain people or artists, and my friends our always saying I'm a music whore, so yes I down load stuff I owed on vinyl, I also love finding new music, like this

Hence why I set up Blue Smoke Unpluggeed so I could hear new bands/acts
# 12 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:50
I also like to wear my music, I nearly always have a band shirt on.
# 13 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:52
I have two band t-shirts that I bought when I first started going to Gaire meets so that music fans might come over and talk to me - they were a Joy Division one and an Interpol one. Butters thought I worked for Interpol.
# 14 : Sunday 18-9-2011 @ 23:55
That's Butters!

# 15 : Monday 19-9-2011 @ 00:06
Listen to music mainly on iPhone. I have three iPods of varying sorts which are now redundant since I got the iPhone.

Have a fairly large cd collection, though stopped buying them about two years ago. Seeing as I'd just rip them to mp3 and then play them on the iPod there was zero point, and iTunes is cheaper and handier. I now have a stack of CDs that I will never use, but don't want to throw em out seeing as I spent so much money on them. Might see about bring them to a second hand shop or charity shop.

Never listen to radio - I have a fairly specific taste (hip-hop and reggae) which is never on radio. If it is radio friendly I probably won't like it all that much.
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