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Martin McGuinness Presidential Candidate
# 361 : Tuesday 11-10-2011 @ 20:03
Someone said :

read your question again.
Read my answer again.
You will find it went:
- Flogggg said : As long as others can see there are reasons why some might want to vote for him.
- You: What are those reasons?
- Me: The People do not need to qualify their reasons.

It did not go:
- Me: You are not allowed to ask him. Desist!
- Me: How dare you ask?

Nothing to twist knickers about. Thus I did not...

Thanks but I can read. I don't need an interpretation of he said; she said etc. I can ask a question if I want. If people answer fair enough. If they don't answer fair enough. Your hopping up and down just cause I asked a question is really not necessary. I'm aware that people can answer if they want to and that they are also not obliged to answered . I'm not demanding anything. I'm not a stazi officer trying to intimidate an answer out of someone.
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# 362 : Tuesday 11-10-2011 @ 20:06
Then you will realize that in real life discussions, some people are allowed to ask questions, others to answer or not, and others to make meta-comments on the questions and answers.
You seem to be jumping up and down with more vigor than I would be able or willing to.

Any way that's probably all I will say about this, as I would not want to distract people from answering you if they wanted to
# 363 : Tuesday 11-10-2011 @ 20:55
Someone said :
Blah - if we were to say there was no reason for Sinn Fein the same could be said of FF/FG.

And I would not say that the historical divide still makes sense.
To the extent that I think FF is going to reform as a new party, with a change of name that will bury the "civil war politics".

They will re-emerge as something like "The Republican Party".
Then soon, FG will need a face lift too. Either FG will operate a reverse take over of the failed Republican Party, or will merge with it to face a growing Labour Party, which will end up as some acronym party after its own face lift.

Eventually you may end up with:
- The Greens, lefticised
- The Blue House (right, conservative)
- The Red Tree (left, social democrat)
- and a middle of centre party ("The Centre") between them, doing what the PD's may have done if they had survived
- and of course a reactionary extreme right, claiming to be socially on the left, economically on the right, and nationalist... a social nationalist party which will end up making immigrants and foreigners the enemies and will coalesce with the right-wing parties when The Centre joins the red Tree, and be ostracized when The Centre joins the Blue House.

Because the FF/FG division is just as imaginary as SF is useful and meaningful.
# 364 : Wednesday 12-10-2011 @ 22:06
Incidentally, and again stressing that I would really not like to see the man in any office in any republic, Martin McGuinnesses litir um thoghchan is very interesting for one point. I never thought I would see SF propaganda showing Ian Paisley in a positive light.
# 365 : Wednesday 12-10-2011 @ 22:50
He is an abomination.
# 366 : Wednesday 12-10-2011 @ 22:52
Someone said :
He is an abomination.

Did he bomb a nation.
# 367 : Wednesday 12-10-2011 @ 22:59
Someone said :

Did he bomb a nation.

to bomb a nation is an a bom in ation - disgusting - well spotted butters
# 368 : Saturday 15-10-2011 @ 11:07
His celebrity supporters were out in force at his mansion House bash after the Primetime clash.

The Hollywood trio of Colm Meaney, Fionnula Flannagan and Roma 'Touched by an Angel' Downey nonetheless.
# 369 : Saturday 15-10-2011 @ 11:12
Oh yeah, make that quartet. None other than, no relation to Gerry, Morticia Adams!

# 370 : Saturday 15-10-2011 @ 13:12
You would know Colm Meaney doesn't live in Ireland. Incidentally did anyone see his sons, pretty!
# 371 : Monday 17-10-2011 @ 20:32
I just asked Facebook to hide all ads from Martin McLager.
They asked me why...
I told them.

Why don't you like these ads?
- Uninteresting
- Misleading
- Sexually explicit
- Against my views
- Offensive
- Repetitive
- Other

# 372 : Tuesday 18-10-2011 @ 14:51
Someone said :
I just asked Facebook to hide all ads from Martin McLager.
They asked me why...
I told them.

I thought you could only pick one!
# 373 : Tuesday 18-10-2011 @ 15:52
Someone said :
I thought you could only pick one!

I only picked on.
That is the full list, so people can think of what reason they may provide themselves.

On a different note, I saw a poster of McLager that was defaced (which I oppose on principle), to make it read "The P op e's President".
I smiled. (And disapproved... but smiled)
# 374 : Thursday 20-10-2011 @ 02:13
What percent of the vote do you think he would get overall, in NI and in the Republic? How viable is he really given the past? How well supported is he within the ranks of Sinn Fein itself,given that some people never would have predicted any sort of powersharing agreement in NI less than a generation ago (he's considered a 'traitor' by some republicans)? How long till the players of the past are exonerated as it were and can be seen as ordinary politicians in all quarters? Ever? I'm thinking in terms of South Africa, and Isreal where former terrorists are full participants in political life including being head of state.
# 375 : Thursday 20-10-2011 @ 08:01
Someone said :
What percent of the vote do you think he would get overall, in NI and in the Republic?

A rough guess? 12%.
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