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Coming Out: Why So Serious?
# 1 : Saturday 1-10-2011 @ 19:29
I was reading some of these and I wondered if anyone had any stories of accidentally coming out or coming out any finding everything was grand and that it immediately turned into a sort of "relieved joke"

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# 2 : Saturday 1-10-2011 @ 20:11
I don't get the second one - It doesn't follow any logic.
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# 3 : Saturday 1-10-2011 @ 20:55
The guy texts his Dad by accident.
The Dad plays along at first but then reveals himself. Actually, the son should see that it's his Dad when his Dad replies the first time.
These things are always patently made up anyway.
# 4 : Saturday 1-10-2011 @ 21:24
Yeah looks made up, he would hardly reply to that first txt like that and at no point was he actually called "Daddy"

Many years ago, I nearly came out at work. Someone wanted to know what "Abbreviation" meant.

I said "Oh you know, like GCN ..." and then I quickly moved on to other examples like IBM, USA, etc.
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# 5 : Sunday 2-10-2011 @ 02:41
Its so serious. cos my dad and I can barely talk properly since he was told and not by me ... I can barely go home to family events.. for the fear, it will upset him, I love him, but the fear of upsetting him worries me.
Despite my suspension that 2 of my cousins wives might have gathered I am gay, I know for fact none of it has gone back to my father. You got to love West of Ireland country upbringing..
My mother asked me last night if Id be home for christmas, I told her, cos of work, I'd doubt it...(I'm sure despite the hassle of getting home even for 48 hrs itd be possible) Its more I dont know if I even am mentally and emotionally able to.. As it is, I know I will not be home for my grans 90 th cos My sister migrating that weekend.. That enough Heartache for one weekend with out tryin to deal with family and such..

I've never have nor doubt I'll be able to forgive or forget what certain people have done to me.. (including certain so called Professionals)..

I'm willing to live any where else except home.. if it will make my family life easier, I think my poor mother has realised that.. and even given me the push to move away.. which I can tell, is causing her heartache, especially with my sister moving away in 5 weeks..

I know at home certain women more so than guys are the most homophobic.. including people that work with my mother, People whose no idea bout me, and like me, if they knew, would change their opinion of me, my sister and of my parents. I just dont know if I can handle hurting my family any much more.. Certain Gaireans know what I mean..

Im sorry for this Rant, just realised its probably in the wrong thread, The drink made me a bit emotional..

Sorry .
# 6 : Sunday 2-10-2011 @ 17:55
Yes, Crydee your story is precisely the opposite of the proposed subject matter of the thread.

But who cares? I'm more glad you shared then not.
If anything it shows us how lucky a person can be if they're accidentally (or spitefully) outed only for it to immediately become a lighted hearted affair.

I hope you can sum up the necessary reserves to take on the challenge of getting your family back on track. I say, take your time, but don't take too much time, you will eventually run out of Christmases and weddings and it'll be funerals and regrets, and I can say from reasonably personal experience that that's a horrible position for anyone to be in.
# 7 : Sunday 2-10-2011 @ 18:11
Once in work two of the lads were in the fridge with a delivery guy and I walked in, one of the lads told me to leave as it was a mens only discussion. When I left the delivery guy said it was a gay club then, and the two lads burst out laughing, leaving the delivery guy bemused as to what was so funny, then one of the lads said "if that is the case then she has more right to be in here than any of us"
He avoided eye contact with me for a little while after that
# 8 : Sunday 2-10-2011 @ 18:36
sorry to hijack my own thread but I have a similar story.

I was in choir one evening and the altos were talking in hushed tones about something to themselves, as I leaned in they paused abruptly "sorry greenman, girl's only topic"

Convinced that
A: they were talking about men,
& B: not all of them may've known I was gay,

I made a joke about continuously looking over trying to find out what they were on about. I though if anything, I could kill two altos with the one outing.
After a surprisingly stubborn few minutes of female secrecy I came this close to just blurting out "Look! I'm bored and gay, if you're talking about men I want in!" but just before I did I finally cottoned on to what they were discussing.

...they were talking about tampons.
# 9 : Saturday 29-10-2011 @ 22:29
Oliver Callan who had the ruck with the kerry footballer/fashionista,and who was accused of being homophobic,has just come out on Brendan o Connor's show,no big deal he said,i'm gay,big swinging diddy.
# 10 : Saturday 29-10-2011 @ 22:30
Someone said :
Oliver Callan who had the ruck with the kerry footballer/fashionista,and who was accused of being homophobic,has just come out on Brendan o Connor's show,no big deal he said,i'm gay,big swinging diddy.

Yes, 2 people have already posted about it!
# 11 : Saturday 29-10-2011 @ 22:30
Fast fingered feckers!
# 12 : Sunday 30-10-2011 @ 01:35
True spiritual beauty

Oh shit,wrong thread,guma lash scael.
Still,no apologies,the Sufi,the loving musical wing of Islam,is totally divine and inspirational.
# 13 : Sunday 30-10-2011 @ 11:27
Hope things get sorted with your folks. Maybe you could invite your parents to dinner in Dublin instead of you going home.

I'm thinking of the song words "it's too late when we die to admit we don't see eye to eye "
# 14 : Thursday 30-8-2012 @ 11:40
# 15 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 15:01
My family on my dad's side (including my father) were home because of our Granddad's health scare.
Last week were were expecting to have a funeral to attend at any moment, but he's since pulled out (this guy is in his mid 90's) and is recovering fine!

Once things settled down but before people started going back, I used the weekend to have 'the conversation' with my father. I knew he already knew, but I hadn't yet spoke to him about it.

Anyway it's behind me now and it went grand.
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