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Coming Out: Why So Serious?
# 16 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 15:04
a friend of mine accidentally text his mother "fancy a fuck?"
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# 17 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 15:31
My coming out story to my mother is sort of funny. I was heading out for the night and this is how the conversation went:

MUM:"Where are you going?"
POLO: "Oh, you know, into town"
MUM: "Are you going to that pub on Georges Street?"
POLO: "Oh for God's sake mum, if you're asking me if I'm gay I AM, OK?"
MUM: "erm, I wasn't asking you that, you just mentioned that you go to the Globe sometimes so I was wondering if you were going there"
POLO: "Oh right, well I'm gay"
MUM: "Ok, well have a good night and be careful"
# 18 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 15:43

Your mum sounds cool.
When she had time to let it sink in was she still as cool about it?
# 19 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 15:49
Someone said :

Your mum sounds cool.
When she had time to let it sink in was she still as cool about it?

Yeah she was grand, I'd say she knew all the time anyway.
# 20 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 16:25
Ponchos are a dead give away.
# 21 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 16:31
...and that you look like a lesbian.
# 22 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 16:33
That is an excellent coming out story.
# 23 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 00:02
I had drink taken, came home to my 85yrs Mammy. Mammy asked, whats wrong son, are you in some kind of trouble,no matter what it is please, just tell me and we can sort it out together?. I cryed like a big baby and just said, mammy i am Gay. Mammy,hugged me tight and said, son i dont care,i love you, your a great son and a good man, and i just want you to be happy.
I was so lucky i came out to her before she died at 87yrs. After her funeral,i came out to my brothers and sisters, just to find out that mammy had already told them and said not to mention it to me untill i was ready to tell them myself.
So she had layed the foundations for me, My sisters said, that when Mammy told them, she had also told them that she had no problem with me been Gay, but worried how hard my life was going to be, and she needed to know that when she was gone that they would continue to love and support me. They have and do. My Mammy was the most wonderful mother, person and best friend to me ever, and we loved each other so much, we always told each other daily.
# 24 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 00:18
Great post Joe
# 25 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 00:27
Thanks, you know its threads like this one that people find great support in, we all learn from each others experiances. it can help not to feel so alone and isolated, so good job thank you.
# 26 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 19:10
What a lovely post Joe! She sounds like an amazing woman.
# 27 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 19:16
Lovely post Joe.
# 28 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 19:21
Echo'ing the last posts...

That's beautiful Joe, lovely to read that. Thanks for posting your experience, delighted to see you have great support with your brothers / sisters.

Nice to see you back on the boards too
# 29 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 19:30
My new workmate mentioned that's he's into kinky stuff. He has a partner and a couple of kids.
I was thinking of asking him would he like a threesome.
# 30 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 19:32
Welcome back Joe most inspirational coming out story.
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