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Coming Out: Why So Serious?
# 46 : Saturday 4-1-2014 @ 10:04
hmmm I can only handle a certain level of thinness... Id still kiss him though
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# 47 : Saturday 4-1-2014 @ 10:06
He is not macho or camp. He's somewhere in between.
# 48 : Friday 10-1-2014 @ 12:10
# 49 : Tuesday 21-1-2014 @ 22:10
This is such a heart warming reaction from this kids mother, fair play to her and to him also, showed a lot of guts.

Worth a read and watch the video. etc ...
# 50 : Tuesday 21-1-2014 @ 22:31
When my Dad's sister (first of his family) passed away, in the mid 90's, and whilst I was in college, I decide to blurt it all out. Literally, there and then, right before the funeral (it wasn't for the need of a chance but just, it felt right)

Now, my mam (to this day will testify that she always knew or thought, that I was gay), just stood there, letting me ramble off whilst my Dad watched my mam look at me with the kind of face, only a mam could have towards her son (I knew this? Kitchen door with panelled glass), and a couple of years after he passed away, the truth came out and she told me the above.

Coming out? I swear to God, I wish it was something like mine. My Mam, I knew she wouldn't give a sho**e. My Dad? I thought, would go completely ballistic? but he didn't... (and he was a man's man, no bull like), we never know...but he was my Dad though

But that's just my story....
# 51 : Tuesday 21-1-2014 @ 22:42
My brain hurts after reading that - I think I got the gist though. Thanks for sharing
# 52 : Wednesday 8-10-2014 @ 21:25
# 53 : Wednesday 8-10-2014 @ 21:41
Someone said :
.. You got to love West of Ireland country upbringing..

Off-topic a little but it's naught to with a West of Ireland upbringing. I'm from Mayo and know a good few guys who are openly out and comfortable with the general public knowing their sexual preference.
# 54 : Wednesday 8-10-2014 @ 22:03
God, look at ya now, a savvy young owner occupuyer living the life in the big smoke! Flies wouldn't lodge on ya NoZipCode
# 55 : Sunday 26-10-2014 @ 19:18
# 56 : Sunday 26-10-2014 @ 19:25
what story?
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