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Smoking Ban
# 1 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 11:20
Can you imagine yourself not lighting up in your favourite pub/club? How are you going to overcome that crucial lack of nicotine in your body? Do you think it's fair or a violation of our civil liberties ? The 29th is coming closer
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# 2 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 11:24
there will be a roaring trade in nicotine patches in all the clubs.
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# 3 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 11:32
but think of the opportunities of meeting guys or girls as u huddle together in the bitter cold.\to fill our lungs with smoke and het our nicotine fix
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# 4 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 11:41
Right there with you. If I want to stop smoking I'll do it on my own accord. Don't like somebody else telling me what to do. I know it's bad for me but it's my choice. Should be my choice anyway. Wouldn't impose my smoking on anyone else but to stop me smoking in my favourite pub sounds like a violation of my rights to me. If they want to bring in the smoking ban, make room for smokers too, although it's unhealthy it's my choice.
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# 5 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 11:42
Leaving my drink behind?
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# 6 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 11:44
You! Change your avator, pretty please!
It's confusing me
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# 7 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 11:46
u do what u do in NY. you either have a friend watch the drink or if your're alone you drink between drinks
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# 8 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 11:50
That my work. But why should I have somebody imposing their own little bans on me ? That's repression if not regression?
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# 9 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 11:57
Right there with you. What will come next?
It's a small thing but if they can ban us from smoking in pubs/bars what will come next? Whatever ban we'll accept it because it suits some?
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# 10 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 13:46
I spot a niche in the market....someone quick invent a new drug!
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# 11 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 14:03
I for one think its a great thing as smoke makes me feel sick and as i don't smoke why should my well being be affected because others want to pollute their bodies. It is all well and good saying that smokes rights are being affected by this ban but what about us non-smokers who have had no other choice when we have wanted to go out but to inhale these toxins.
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# 12 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 14:06
think of the 2nd hand smoke as smoking for free
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# 13 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 14:07
but most places have the non-smoking areas in the same room and smoke floats
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# 14 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 14:10
yes I agree with a smoking area. It's called OUTSIDE.
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# 15 : Sunday 7-3-2004 @ 14:13
or ban non smokers from pubs and then they wont be affected
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