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Who's Online? : Swooshy's Unashamed Attempt To Win A Firestarter Badge... In Fact Any Badge.
# 1 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 15:26
Am i the only one who likes to have a peek at this every time i log on? Have you found anything of interest? ... feel free to leave your thoughts here

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# 2 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 15:27
Someone said :
Am i the only one who likes to have a peek at this every time i log on? Have you found anything of interest? ... feel free to leave your thoughts here

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# 3 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 15:34

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# 4 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 15:38
Someone said :

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# 5 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 16:39
I wouldn't even bother looking at it..
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# 6 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 16:40
I used to when the boards were busier but I don't really anymore.
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# 7 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 16:44
Someone said :
I wouldn't even bother looking at it..

Really? I dont know how many NSFW pictures ive been alerted to from that section. Lots of barely disguised appendages. Seriously!
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# 8 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 16:46
Nope, I honestly wouldn't look at it. I couldn't care who's online really....it doesn't affect my contribution to the boards....
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# 9 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 18:15
I always check to see if my favourite posters are on line as it is a good indication on whether there will be interesting discussions
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# 10 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 18:18
The watchlist is good for checking if your friends/enemies are online.
I dont usually bother with the Who's online? option.
That said i only have Swooshy in my Watchlist because she is the only one worth adding.
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# 11 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 18:21
When I first joined Gaire I explored the site, and noted the who's online section. As it's mostly people using the classifieds, it's full of people I don't know, so I don't bother now. I check the icon in each post on the boards so that way I can more or less know whether the person is online or not. (Sometimes it's misleading, but works most of the time.)
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# 12 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 18:47
Nah I never look at it. I don't like anyone enough on here to care
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# 13 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 19:12
There's a Who's online section?

EDIT: Oh so there is!
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# 14 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 19:16
Jumped right in when I first found this site - loved all the debate and different topics and the wide range of characters. Not so sure if I'd jump right in now as its a bit chatty - but having said that I still love the place to bits and love how it makes meeting people really easy in safe and comfortable surroundings without the fears of cold-meets with dubious strangers.

Long Live Gaire
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# 15 : Thursday 13-10-2011 @ 19:27
I used to use it all the time back when I was a mod/admin, to see if I was going to have a busy day after I logged on.
I still check it out occasionally just out of habit / curiosity.
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