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Is The Squatter Right?
# 31 : Sunday 16-10-2011 @ 11:11
Someone said :
Really? Conversations exist because people confuse other people?

Because someone will always be confused, and someone will always confuse someone else, if there are enough participants.
Some are more likely to confuse others ( e.g., me), some more likely to be confused, some more likely to fake confusion.

There is no point fighting it, it's life.
It makes social conversation more enjoyable and less clinical.
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# 32 : Monday 17-10-2011 @ 23:33
If only we could extend the concept to mortgages... after 12 years you don't have to pay anymore
# 33 : Tuesday 18-10-2011 @ 20:56
Fingal County Council recently paid €1m in compensation to re-acquire 12 acres of council-owned land in Dunsink, where a car-parts dealer had been squatting for 20 years.

They have also paid out almost €2m to Travellers to vacate lands on Dunsink Lane in Finglas they have lived on for over a dozen years.

Are some counties just not keeping as good tabs on their properties as others?
Is it time for an audit?
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